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Part Number: WP3347288
WhirlpoolKitchenAidRoperEstateInglisAdmiralAmanaCrosleyMagic Chef
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WP3347288
Classification: Part
Weight: 3.09 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

8LSR5132BG2 Washer
8LSR5132BW0 Washer
8LSR5132BG0 Washer
8LSR5132BN1 Washer
8LSR5132BN0 Washer
8LSR5132BN2 Washer
8LSR5132BW1 Washer
7LSC9355BN0 Washer
2LSR5233BN0 Residential Automatic Washer
4LSC9255AN2 Washer
8LSC6244BQ1 Washer
6LA5800XTN1 Washer
7MLSF7600PT0 Residential Washer
3LSC8255EQ0 Washer
7MLSR8534PT1 Residential Washer
3LSR5233BN1 Washer
4LSC8255BN0 Washer
3LSP8255BW0 Washer
6ALSC8255JQ2 Residential Washer
4LSC9255AN0 Washer
3SLSR6233MQ3 Residential Washer
7MLSR8534PQ0 Residential Washer
8LSR5233EZ0 Washer
3LSR6233EQ0 Washer
3LA5581XYN0 Washer
8LSP6244BN2 Washer
6LSP8255BW1 Washer
6ALSC8255MW0 Residential Washer
3XLA87W72BW0 Commercial Washer
7MLSR7533PT0 Residential Washer
6LSC9255AN1 Washer
8LSR6132FQ0 Washer
7MLSR7534MT0 Residential Washer
6LSC9255AQ1 Washer
6LSP8255BW2 Washer
6LSP8255AW1 Washer
3LSR5233BW0 Washer
7LSC8244BQ0 Washer
8LSC8245AW1 Washer
7MLSR7232PQ0 Residential Washer
4XLA87W92AW0 Washer
7LSR8244EQ0 Washer
7MLSF7600PT1 Residential Washer
8LSP8245BN0 Washer
AX6245VG1 Washer
7MLSR8534PW0 Residential Washer
3MAS4132FW0 Washer
8LSP8245AN0 Washer
2LSR5233BZ1 Residential Automatic Washer
4LSC9255AQ2 Washer
8TLSQ8533LT0 Residential Washer
2LSR5233BW0 Residential Automatic Washer
8LSC8245AN0 Washer
1CWTW5790ST0 Residential Washer
8LSP8245AG1 Washer
7LSR9245HZ0 Washer
7LSC8244HZ0 Washer
6LA5800XTM0 Washer
7MLSR6332KQ2 Residential Washer
3LSR6233EQ1 Washer
8LSP6244BW0 Washer
6LSP8255AW2 Washer
8LSP8245BW0 Washer
3MAS1432FW1 Washer
7MSAWS800MQ0 Automatic Washer
1CLSR7010PQ0 Residential Washer
6LSS5232DQ2 Washer
4LSC8255BQ1 Washer
7MLSR8534MQ0 Residential Washer
1CWTW5300SQ0 Residential Washer
7MLSR9500PQ0 Residential Washer
7MLSR7533PQ0 Residential Washer
AX6245VG0 Washer
6LSC9255AQ0 Washer
7LSR5233EZ0 Washer
GSQ9340EQ0 Residential Direct Drive Washer
7MLSR8534MQ1 Residential Washer
8LSP6244BG2 Washer
4LSC8255BN2 Washer
3XLA87W72AW0 Washer
8LSP6244BN1 Washer
3XLA87W92BQ0 Washer
3LSP8255AN0 Washer
7MRAS6233KQ3 Washer
6ALSR7244MW0 Residential Washer
8LSC6244BG1 Washer
3XLA87W92AQ0 Commercial Washer
6LSP8255BW0 Washer
AX6245VL1 Washer
6ALSR7244JQ1 Residential Washer
3LSC9255BQ1 Washer
6LSP8255AN1 Washer
6ALSQ8000JQ1 Residential Washer
6LA5800XTF1 Washer
6LA5800XTW1 Washer
4LSC9255DQ1 Washer
7MLSR7523PT1 Automatic Washer
4LSC8255BN4 Washer
1CLSR9434PQ0 Residential Washer
3LSP8255AW0 Washer
6LSC9255AN0 Washer
7MLSR8534PG1 Residential Washer
3LSC9255AN0 Washer
7LSR7233HZ0 Washer
8LSC8245AG0 Washer
8LSC8245AW0 Washer
7MLSR7523PT0 Residential Washer
6LA5800XTG1 Washer
8LSP6244BG0 Washer
GSQ9344EZ0 Residential Automatic Washer
8LSC6244BN2 Washer
7LSR8244HQ0 Washer
3XLA87W92AN0 Commercial Washer
7MLSF7600PQ0 Residential Washer
7MSAWS800MQ1 Automatic Washer
6LA5800XTM1 Washer
4LSC8255BQ4 Washer
7MLSR7533PQ1 Residential Washer
1CLSR7333PQ0 Residential Washer
4LSC8255BQ0 Washer
6LSP8255AW0 Washer
7LSC8244BN0 Washer
3MAS1432GW0 Washer
3LSR5233BW1 Washer
3SLSR6233MQ2 Residential Washer
7MLSR7232PT1 Residential Washer
7MSAWS800LQ1 Automatic Washer
8TLSR7432LT0 Residential Washer
3MAS4132FW1 Washer
7MLSR8534PW1 Residential Washer
8LSR6114AG0 Washer
8LSC6244BN0 Washer
8TLSQ8533LT1 Residential Washer
8LSP8245AN1 Washer
8LSC6244BQ0 Washer
8LSC8245AG1 Washer
4LSC8255BN1 Washer
3SWTW5205SQ0 Residential Washer
6ALSR7244JQ2 Residential Washer
6LSP8255AN0 Washer
GSQ9300EQ0 Residential Automatic Washer
8LSP8245AW1 Washer
7MLSR7534MT1 Residential Washer
7MLSE7534PT1 Residential Washer
6LSS5232DQ1 Washer
4LSC8255BQ3 Washer
6LSP8255BN0 Washer
6LSC9255BQ1 Washer
3LSC9255BQ0 Washer
4LSC9255DN1 Washer

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Washer
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WP3347288
Classification: Part
Weight: 3.09 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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