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3/​8" X 2.​25" Bolt

Part Number: 013578
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Price: $1.22
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Product Information
Manufacturer: ProForm, Freemotion
Product Number: 013578
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.08 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

PFSY59000 960 Weight Trainer Kit
PFSY81041 Body Lift Trainer
PFSY92080 920 Weight Trainer
PFTL10310 740CS Treadmill
PFTL31560 375SI Treadmill
PFTL31561 375SI Treadmill
PFTL31562 375SI Treadmill
PFTL31563 375SI Treadmill
PFTL49720 2500 Treadmill
PFTL49721 2500 Treadmill
PFTL50070 Crosstrainer
PFTL50071 Crosstrainer
PFTL50072 Crosstrainer
PFTL58580 585EX Wide Deck Treadmill
PFTL58581 585EX Wide Deck Treadmill
PFTL58582 585EX Wide Deck Treadmill
PFTL58590 525C Target Pulse Analysis Treadmill
PFTL590040 CX12I Treadmill
PFTL59020 520 Treadmill
PFTL59021 520 Treadmill
PFTL59022 520 Treadmill
PFTL59023 520 Treadmill
PFTL55810 Cr610 Treadmill
PFTL55820 Cx8I Treadmill
PFTL59410 Mx640 Treadmill
PFTL59520 Pf,Crosswalk Advanced 525X
PFTL59610 60 Gts Treadmill
PFTL59820 520I Treadmill
PFTL59821 520I Treadmill
PFTL59822 520I Treadmill
PFTL59823 520I Treadmill
PFTL5982 H2 520I Treadmill
PFTL59920 X-Wlk Advanced 525I Treadmill
PFTL59921 X-Wlk Advanced 525I Treadmill
PFTL61930 Crosswalk Advance Cr Treadmill
PFTL61931 Crosswalk Advance Cr Treadmill
PFTL6193 S0 Crosswalk 545 Treadmill
PFTL62510 625 Treadmill
PFTL62511 625 Treadmill
PFTL6251 KD0 625 Treadmill
PFTL62580 625 Ex Treadmill
PFTL62581 625 Ex Treadmill
PFTL62582 625 Ex Treadmill
PFTL69210 Gxl760/795Sl Treadmill
PFTL69211 Gxl760/795Sl Treadmill
PFTL69212 Gxl760/795Sl/770Ekg Treadmill
PFTL69213 Gxl760/795Sl/770Ekg Treadmill
PFTL695050 Crosswalk Caliber11 Treadmill
PFTL69610 860 Ls Treadmill
PFTL69820 Cx10I Treadmill
PFTL721041 840 Treadmill
PFTL725050 700 Gx Treadmill
PFTL78570 785 Treadmill
PF852040 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
PF852041 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
PF852042 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
QVTL22460 525Xt Treadmill
QVTL22461 525Xt Treadmill
QVTL22462 525Xt Treadmill
QVTL91560 365Si Treadmill
QVTL91561 365Si Treadmill
QVTL91562 365Si Treadmill
159340 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
159341 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
159342 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
159343 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
291660 770EKG Treadmill
291661 770EKG Treadmill
291670 760Ekg Treadmill
291671 760Ekg Exercise Bike
291760 775Ekg Exercise Bike
291761 775Ekg Exercise Bike
291770 765Ekg Exercise Bike
291771 765Ekg Exercise Bike
293050 520X Treadmill
293051 520X Treadmill
293053 520X Treadmill
293250 Pf,Crosswalk Advanced 525X Treadmill
293252 Pf,Crosswalk Advanced 525X Treadmill
293350 530X Treadmill
293351 530X Treadmill
294150 535 X Treadmill
297363 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297364 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297365 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297440 795 Treadmill
297441 795 Treadmill
297442 795 Treadmill
297460 Crosstrainer
297461 Crosstrainer
297462 Crosstrainer
297470 Crosstrainer
297471 Crosstrainer
299260 735Cs Treadmill
299261 735Cs Treadmill
299262 735Cs Treadmill
299263 735Cs Treadmill
299460 740Cs/745Cs Treadmill
299461 740Cs/745Cs Treadmill
299462 740Cs/745Cs Treadmill
299463 740Cs/745Cs Treadmill
299464 740Cs/745Cs Treadmill
299470 745Cs Treadmill
299472 745Cs Treadmill
299473 745Cs Treadmill
299474 745Cs Treadmill
299480 835Qt Treadmill
299481 835Qt Treadmill
299482 835Qt Treadmill
299483 835Qt Treadmill
299484 835Qt Treadmill
299560 750Cs Treadmill
299561 750Cs Treadmill
299570 755Cs Treadmill
299571 755Cs Treadmill
299572 755Cs Treadmill
299580 860Qt Treadmill
299581 860Qt Treadmill
DRTL59220 520X Treadmill
DRTL59221 520X Treadmill
DRTL59222 520X Treadmill
DRTL59420 Pf,Crosswalk Advanced 525X Treadmill
DR852040 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
DR852041 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
DR852042 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
DR852043 Cross Trainer W/Electronics
DTL54940 Cs7E Treadmill
HRTL0591R0 860Qt Treadmill
PCTL31560 375 Canadian Treadmill
PCTL88101 740 Cs Treadmill
PCTL99010 770 Ekg Treadmill
PCTL99011 770Ekg Treadmill
PETL39070 385 Treadmill
PETL39071 385 Treadmill
PETL411051 490Cx Treadmill
PETL499051 470 Cx Treadmill
PETL50000 500 Elliptical
PETL50070 Crosstrainer
PETL51010 510 Treadmill
PETL61010 610 Treadmill
PETL61020 10.5Qm Treadmill
PETL61021 10.5Qm Treadmill
PETL62010 620 Treadmill
PETL62020 12.5Qm Treadmill
PETL62021 12.5Qm Treadmill
PETL62022 12.5Qm Treadmill
PETL63510 635 Treadmill
PETL63520 14.5Qm Treadmill
PETL63521 14.5Qm Treadmill
PETL63522 14.5Qm Treadmill

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Elliptical
  • • Exercise Bike
  • • Treadmill
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Product Information
Manufacturer: ProForm, Freemotion
Product Number: 013578
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.08 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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