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Repair Center  How to Mix 2-Cycle Engine Oil

Why Read This Article?

  • 2-Cycle oil mixing steps.
  • Oil/Gas ratios explained.
  • Engine damage prevention.

Article Breakdown

  • Lack of oil in 2-stroke oil fuel will damage the engine.
  • Different engines require different oil/fuel mixture ratios.
How Long Does Gasoline Keep?
  • Gasoline generally stores for 3-6 months before going bad.
Gasoline storage tips:
  • Discard gas after 3-6 months.
  • Discard gas in your stored tools at the start of each season.
  • Use fuel stabilizer to winterize your tools.
  • Use fuel stabilizer when storing gasoline for long periods.
2-Cycle Oil/Gas Mixture Ratios: Then and Now
  • Determine the mixture ratio for your tool.
Measuring for 2.6 Ounces of 2-Stroke Oil
  • Most newer engines use a 50/1 ratio.
  • Older engines use either 40/1 or 32/1 ratios.
  • The industry gears oil products towards 50/1 ratio engines
  • Adjusting the gasoline measurement is easier than adjusting the oil measurement.
  • More oil is always better than less.
50/1 Mixture Measurements:

2.6 oz. of 2-cycle oil / 1 gal. of gasoline 40/1 Mixture Measurements:

2.6 oz. of 2-cycle oil / 0.8 gal. (approx. 103 oz.) of gasoline 32/1 Mixture Measurements:

2.6 oz. of 2-cycle oil / 0.65 gal. (approx. 84 oz.) of gasoline 2-Cycle Engine Oil Mixing Steps

1. Add oil to a separate container first.

2. Add correct amount of gasoline.

3. Gently swish the container. 2-Cycle Oil and Engine Damage

  • Too much oil can cause smokey exhaust and lack of power.
  • Too little oil can permanently damage or destroy an engine.
  • Lack of lubrication causes heat, which causes galling.
  • Galling distorts engine parts.
  • Mixing oil/fuel correctly to begin with the the best way to prevent engine damage.


How to Mix 2-Cycle Engine Oil

Mixing oil in the fuel of a 2-cycle engine is necessary to prevent damage, and this article explains the steps and tips to mix 2-cycle oil correctly.
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