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Filter - Outer

Part Number: 17218-ZE6-305
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Price: $8.00
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 17218-ZE6-505, 17218-ZE6-505 (Serial# (1000001-9999999)) and 17218-888-003.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Honda, Toro
Product Number: 17218-ZE6-305
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic replacement part that has been sourced from the original manufacturer to be used with lawnmower engines from Honda and Toro. The foam filter fits over the main air cleaner element and is used to prevent dust and debris from entering the air intake. It is recommended to periodically replace the filter to maintain the engine\\\'s performance. This item is available as an individual replacement part.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GV150K1 (Type A1D)(VIN# GV150-3000001-3294909) Small Engine
GV200 (Type N10)(VIN# GV200-1000001-1215266) Small Engine
GV200 (Type N1A)(VIN# GV200-1000001-1215266) Small Engine
GV200 (Type N1B)(VIN# GV200-1000001-1215266) Small Engine
GV200 (Type N40)(VIN# GV200-1000001-1215266) Small Engine
GV200 (Type N4C)(VIN# GV200-1000001-1215266) Small Engine
GV200 (Type N50)(VIN# GV200-1000001-1215266) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A14)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N24)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N14)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N2CA)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N2)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N1)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A1LA)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type A1L2)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type N12)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type A12)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160H2 (Type T1AH)(VIN# GJAAH-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type N1E2)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type A1L)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type N42)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type A1S)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 N1 (Type N1)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type N62)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N1F)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type A1SA)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type A12)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N1MH)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N12)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N1F1)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type A1T)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N5AH)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type A14)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N4)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N15)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N1F2)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type SFL2)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type A1TT)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N5M)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type T1AT)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type A1AS)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N45)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N1AH)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type SFY)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type TBE)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type SFL)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type N55)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type SFY1)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type SFL1)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
GXV160UH2 (Type T1AH)(VIN# GJABH-1000001) Small Engine
HR195 (Type PDA)(VIN# MZAK-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR195 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAK-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type HMA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type PXA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type SMA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR216 (Type SXA#)(VIN# MACR-6000001) Lawn Mower
HRA215 (Type PDA)(VIN# MZAL-6000001) Lawn Mower
HRA215 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAL-6000001 to MZAL-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRA216 (Type SXA)(VIN# MACR-5000001) Lawn Mower
HRC215 (Type PXA)(VIN# MZAU-6000001 to MZAU-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRC216 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZAN-6000001 to MZAN-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRC216 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAN-6000001 to MZAN-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRC216K3 (Type HXA)(VIN# MAKA-1050001) Lawn Mower
GXV160UH2 (Type N1)(VIN# GJABH-1000001-9999999) Engine
GXV120 (Type A1#)(VIN# GXV120-6000001-9999999) Engine
GXV120 (Type D1#)(VIN# GXV120-6000001-9999999) Engine
HP400 (Type BA)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2537192) Power Carrier
HP400K1 (Type BA)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2537192) Power Carrier
HP400K3 (Type BA/A)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2537192) Power Carrier
HP400K3 (Type BA/B)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-9999999) Power Carrier
HP400K3 (Type BA/C)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-9999999) Power Carrier
HR21-5 (Type SDAM)(VIN# GV200-1030581-9999999) Lawn Mower
HR21K2 (Type PDAM)(VIN# GV150-3000396-9999999) Lawn Mower
HR21K2 (Type SXA)(VIN# GV150-3065469-9999999) Lawn Mower
HR21K2 (Type SXAM)(VIN# GV150-3065469-9999999) Lawn Mower
HR21-5 (Type SDA)(VIN# GV200-1030581-9999999) Lawn Mower
HRA21 (Type SDA)(VIN# GV150-3123875-9999999) Lawn Mower
HRA21 (Type SDAW)(VIN# GV150-3123875-9999999) Lawn Mower
HRC216K3 (Type HDAH)(VIN# GJAAH-1000001-9999999) Lawn Mower
HR216 (Type SXA)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-9999999) Lawn Mower
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Lawn Mower
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Element- Air Cleaner - 17210-ZE6-305
Filter - Outer - 17218-ZE6-305
Spark Plug - Bp4Es - Ngk - 98079-54841
Blade, Rotary - 72511-VA2-690
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
More than 2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Power Drill, Socket set, Wrench Set, Nutdriver
Honda Mower (HR215) Purchased in 1989 Needed Refurb
I replaced the Carburetor, Muffler, Blade, Spark Plug, Wheels and numerous gaskets, nuts, bolts and studs. This was a fun and easy project. The hardest part was ordering all the correct parts and waiting for delivery. The actual work took about three hours. While disassembled, I thoroughly cleaned and de-greased the engine, deck and throttle mechanisms. This was an expensive mower when I purchased it, but 33 years of service had taken a toll. When I was finished with this project, the mower looked like new. It started with the first pull and ran perfectly!
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  • Excellent service
    Exactly the right part for my older Toro walk behind mower. Great personal support.
    Guest - November 16, 2021 Verified Purchase
    Good company.
    Good company. Part worked great. Thanks.
    Bruce - April 20, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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    Product Information
    Manufacturer: Honda, Toro
    Product Number: 17218-ZE6-305
    Classification: Part
    Weight: 0.02 lbs.
    Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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