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Upgrade Poulan Trimmers with Speed-Feed Trimmer Heads | DIY DIY Blog
Upgrade Poulan Trimmers with Speed-Feed Trimmer Heads

Upgrade Poulan Trimmers with Speed-Feed Trimmer Heads

Lawn and garden season is here, which means that it’s time for tune-ups and parts replacement for your outdoor equipment.

Poulan Gas Trimmer

Line trimmers, weedeaters, and grass trimmers not only go by many names, but they’re also designed so that many key parts can be easily replaced or upgraded. Spark plugs, filters, handles, straps, and even trimmer heads can be changed easily and with little expense. 

Poulan trimmers are a great example of how you can upgrade your favorite yard tool. Users who have come to love and depend on the performance of their Poulan line trimmers can customize their machines with feature-enhancing, after-market accessories.

For example, trimmer owners have a couple options when it comes time to replace their trimmer’s trimmer head:

  • If you’re happy with your trimmer head’s loading style, feed style, and performance, you can simply order the same trimmer head that came with your trimmer.


Poulan Logo

In the case of your trusty Poulan trimmer, navigate to our Poulan weedeater parts page. Find your trimmer model by scrolling down the list or by typing its model number in the search field at the top of the page. 

You will be able to view and order the O.E.M. Poulan parts that your trimmer needs, including factory replacement heads like the one that came with your model.

  • After-market trimmer heads give users another option when it comes to trimmer head replacement.

Many after-market trimmer heads are designed to increase a trimmer’s usability and performance, and most are designed for cross-compatibility between models and brands.

Shindaiwa Speed-Feed trimmer heads do all of this and more! These after-market trimmer heads are compatible with hundreds of trimmer models, including many Poulan trimmer models.

Shindaiwa Speed-Feed Trimmer HeadReloading cutting line in a conventional trimmer head usually involves some trimmer head disassembly and accompanying frustration for users, not to mention that loading often takes 10 or more minutes.

What makes Speed-Feed trimmer heads so great is given away by their names . . .

Speed-Feed trimmer heads do not require any disassembly for line loading, and their unique, innovative design makes it possible to load new cutting line in under 60 seconds!

Trimmer owners still need to ensure that their new trimmer head is compatible with their Poulan trimmer. The Speed-Feed trimmer heads available on our site include arbor bolt adapters, making compatibility with trimmer brands and models much easier.

Click the links below to see our selection of Shindaiwa Speed-Feed trimmer heads:

You can have your Poulan weedeater performing like it never has with these and other after-market accessories from, Your Professional Parts Warehouse
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