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Complete Home Filter Guide

Complete Home Filter Guide

Filters are so important all around the home. From a dryer, to a lawnmower, to a furnace, filters keep things running smoothly and efficiently. When something goes haywire, they’re often the first and easiest thing you should check. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on what filters you should be checking, including when, why, and how to replace them.

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Refrigerator Filters:

Over time, water filters on your fridge can form bacteria and mold, making it much less effective and even unhealthy. Replace your water filter every six months for the purest drinking water and ice. Check your user manual to find where your filter is located. Some common locations are in the upper corner of your fridge (typically with a cover), or in the “grill” of your fridge. You can also search the internet for filter replacement guides.

Dishwasher Filters:

If you want your dishes to be their cleanest, check the manual filter in your dishwasher and clear it out if it’s dirty or clogged. You’ll want to do this every two to three weeks and replace it every three to six months if you have a manual filter. Some models will have a self-cleaning filter or “hard food disposer” which does not require consistent cleaning. Typically the filter will be found on the floor of the dishwasher after removing the bottom rack and can be removed by twisting it to an unlocked position.

Air Purifier Filters:

The air in your home should be healthy and clean, but a dirty air filter increases the risk of allergies and respiratory illnesses. Replace your air filter once or twice a year to avoid any issues. If you live in a house with pets or people who smoke, you may want to replace them a bit more frequently. If you’re unsure, try checking your filter for signs of discoloration or excessive dust.

Over-the-Range Filters:

If the filter over your range isn’t clean, it won’t exhaust heat or cooking fumes very well. Over time, this can mean a sticky film on your stove and walls, gross! Clean and inspect the filter every six months and replace it when needed. Be careful when handling this filter as the collected gunk can stain easily.

Dryer Filters:

Your lint filter can pose a fire risk when it’s full, so you want to clean it out after every load of laundry. Lint can also build up in your dryer’s cabinet and duct, so check and clean them every few months. Try to keep a little lint bucket next to your dryer so it is easy to remember, and collect.

Vacuum Filters:

Clean out the air filter regularly and replace it as instructed in your owner’s manual. A neglected air filter can get clogged and end up spewing dirt and dust back out onto the floor and into the air; this is what we call anti-productive, so keep the filter clean. If you have pets then you’ll want to check the filter more often as the hair can clog up your vacuum very quickly.

Dehumidifier Filters:

A dirty air filter limits the airflow your dehumidifier gets, causing it to work harder and ultimately break sooner. Check the air filter every six months and replace it when needed.

Furnace Filters:

The harder your furnace has to work to heat your home, the more energy it uses. Keep it running efficiently and keep costs down by replacing the filter every three months. Furnaces come in many shapes and sizes and therefore their filters will be in different places or different styles. Check your user manual, or search online for exact specifications.

Outdoor Powered Equipment or Small Engine Filters

Fuel filters and air filters in things like your lawnmower or chainsaw stop dirt and debris from clogging up the carburetor and other internal engine parts. If these parts get gummed up with junk, the engine is going to have to work harder to get the job done, using more energy and performing poorly. Clean the filters regularly and replace them every year for the best results.


Following this general guide will help keep your home running smoothly, but don’t forget to check your owners manual for more recommendations and instructions!

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