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4 Common Reasons Why a String Trimmer Line Won't Feed | DIY DIY Blog
4 Common Reasons Why a String Trimmer Line Won’t Feed

4 Common Reasons Why a String Trimmer Line Won’t Feed

String trimmers are a hard-working tool, especially during the summer months. They are the go-to lawn and garden tool for cutting grass and weeds where the mower cannot quite reach, and for edging along sidewalks, driveways, and walkways. Issues are bound to come up with the cutting line, and this can be frustrating while you are on the job. Luckily, if your string trimmer line is not feeding properly, we have the solutions.

Problem # 1: Spring

The springs keep pressure on the bump head cap and return the cap to its original position after you bump it, allowing the string to advance. To check the condition of the spring, remove the bump head cap and inspect it. This is also a great time to clean out any debris that might be caught in the housing. Replace it if it appears damaged.

Problem # 2: Cap

The cap allows you to feed more line when you tap it on the ground. If the cap is damaged or worn, it can malfunction, causing the line not to advance. There is also a possibility that something could be blocking the cap. To inspect the cap, remove it, and clean any debris. Replace the cap if necessary.

Problem # 3: Spool

The spool houses the wound trimmer line located inside the trimmer’s head. Make sure you are using the proper line thickness rated for your equipment. Too thick or too thin, and you could end up with problems. Also, make sure the lines are wound properly.

Problem # 4: Trimmer Head

The trimmer head houses the spool cap and spring. If the trimmer’s head is damaged badly enough from years of use, it can cause the parts to malfunction. The trimmer head can also get gummed and may require a good cleaning. To remove the trimmer head, insert a small screwdriver into the gearbox located above the trimmer’s head. Rotate the head until the screwdriver is locked in place. Remove the head and replace it if it is damaged.

Once you have gone through all of these common solutions and you have narrowed down the part you need, check out our extensive library of OEM trimmer parts by searching with your model number.
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