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Part Number: 495098S
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 495098S
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
The rocker switch is made of plastic and metal. This is available as an individual replacement part. It is an authentic OEM sourced item which is specially produced for use with Briggs & Stratton engines. A set of pliers may be necessary during the installation of this part. Over time this item may break and will need to be replaced.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
19K400 Series (0110-0115) Engine
19F400 Series (0043-1137) Engine
19C400 Series Engine
226432-0006-01 Engine
226432-0006-02 Engine
226432-0035-01 Engine
226432-0036-01 Engine
226432-0037-01 Engine
226432-0047-01 Engine
226432-0047-02 Engine
226432-0050-99 Engine
226432-0057-99 Engine
226432-0070-99 Engine
226432-0101-01 Engine
226432-0110-99 Engine
226432-0111-01 Engine
226432-0112-99 Engine
226432-0114-01 Engine
226432-0115-01 Engine
226432-0116-01 Engine
226432-0145-01 Engine
226432-0147-99 Engine
226432-1006-E1 Engine
226432-1006-E2 Engine
226432-1035-E1 Engine
226432-1101-E1 Engine
226432-1114-E1 Engine
226437-0005-01 Engine
226437-0045-01 Engine
226437-0046-99 Engine
226437-1005-E1 Engine
226452-0044-99 Engine
226452-0049-01 Engine
226452-0049-02 Engine
226452-0049-03 Engine
226452-0103-01 Engine
226452-1049-E1 Engine
226457-0048-99 Engine
226457-0060-01 Engine
235432-0035-01 Engine
235432-0037-01 Engine
235432-0042-01 Engine
235432-0047-01 Engine
235432-0058-01 Engine
235432-0070-01 Engine
235432-0071-01 Engine
235432-0083-01 Engine
235432-0090-01 Engine
235432-0120-01 Engine
235432-0122-01 Engine
235432-0235-A1 Engine
235432-0235-B2 Engine
235432-0235-E1 Engine
235432-0235-E2 Engine
235432-0235-E9 Engine
235432-0247-E1 Engine
235432-0290-B1 Engine
235432-0290-E1 Engine
235432-0290-E2 Engine
235432-0290-E9 Engine
235432-0520-B1 Engine
235432-0520-E1 Engine
235432-0520-E9 Engine
235432-0540-B1 Engine
235432-0540-E1 Engine
235432-0540-E9 Engine
235432-0561-B1 Engine
235432-0561-E1 Engine
235432-0561-E9 Engine
235432-0595-B1 Engine
235432-0595-E1 Engine
235432-0596-B1 Engine
235432-0596-E1 Engine
235436-0122-01 Engine
235437-0043-01 Engine
235437-0074-01 Engine
235437-0076-01 Engine
235437-0080-01 Engine
235437-0084-01 Engine
235437-0276-E1 Engine
235437-0276-E9 Engine
235437-0280-B1 Engine
235437-0280-E1 Engine
235437-0280-E9 Engine
235437-0284-B1 Engine
235437-0284-E1 Engine
235437-0284-E2 Engine
235437-0284-E9 Engine
235437-0522-B1 Engine
235437-0522-E1 Engine
235437-0522-E9 Engine
256412-0111-01 Engine
256412-0132-01 Engine
256412-0153-01 Engine
256412-0653-A1 Engine
256412-0660-A1 Engine
256412-1132-E1 Engine
256412-1153-E1 Engine
256412-1178-E1 Engine
256412-1178-E2 Engine
256417-0113-01 Engine
256417-0133-01 Engine
256417-0134-01 Engine
256417-0134-02 Engine
256417-0634-A2 Engine
256417-1133-E1 Engine
256417-1134-E1 Engine
256417-1134-E2 Engine
256422-0004-01 Engine
256422-0004-03 Engine
256422-0015-01 Engine
256422-0015-02 Engine
256422-0015-03 Engine
256422-0015-04 Engine
256422-0026-02 Engine
256422-0070-01 Engine
256422-0070-02 Engine
256422-0070-04 Engine
256422-0101-01 Engine
256422-0116-01 Engine
256422-0120-01 Engine
256422-0124-01 Engine
256422-0128-01 Engine
256422-0129-01 Engine
256422-0130-99 Engine
256422-0135-01 Engine
256422-0136-01 Engine
256422-0137-01 Engine
256422-0143-01 Engine
256422-0173-01 Engine
256422-0515-A1 Engine
256422-0570-A1 Engine
256422-0570-A2 Engine
256422-0601-A1 Engine
256422-0635-A1 Engine
256422-0661-A1 Engine
256422-0695-A1 Engine
256422-0696-A1 Engine
256422-1004-E1 Engine
256422-1015-E1 Engine
256422-1015-E2 Engine
256422-1015-E4 Engine
256422-1070-E1 Engine
256422-1070-E2 Engine
256422-1101-E1 Engine
256422-1105-E1 Engine
256422-1135-E1 Engine
256422-1136-E1 Engine
256422-1137-E1 Engine
256422-1138-E1 Engine
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This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 495098S
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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