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Question: Want To Try A 18v Battery On A R...


I broke my 18v Skil dril/driver a couple yrs ago, and I recently found a 14.4v Skil Drill to replace it. Will this work, or will I burn the drill up?
Hi norag,
I've never really found it an issue.Most battery configurations won't allow different voltages to interchange.A couple of model Dewalts did allow 14.4 volt drills to take 18 volt batteries and to my knowledge it never really made a difference.That I could see anyway. Hope that helps.Good luck.
Question: Charger


Hi jimw,
If you have a three line smart charger and you can know this by having three connectors on the battery one is positive the other negative and the third is the charge sensor.When starting the charge operation the sensor has a closed circuit.This tells your charger to start charging the battery.Once the battery is charged and the battery is almost full, heat will build up in the battery and cause the sensor circuit to open sending a signal to the charger to throttle down the charge. What happening to your battery and charger is that as you put the battery in the charger the charger detects a battery and starts the charge until it doesn't get a signal from the battery sensor ( circuit open ) now the charger thinks the battery is charged giving you a green light and telling you that the battery is charged. You most likely have one of two problems.
1. You have a defective signal receiving unit in the charger.
2. The sending unit in the battery is defective and stuck in the open position.
If this problem occurs on more then one healthy battery its most likely your charger.If it happens on only one battery but the rest of the batteries charge then the battery is most likely defective.
Of course this is assuming you have the correct charger for the batteries your charging and your batteries are healthy. Hope this helps.Good luck.
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