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Part Number: WP112432
WhirlpoolKitchenAidRoperEstateInglisMaytagAdmiralInternationalAmanaNorgeCrosleyMagic ChefHoover
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: W10204883, 311484 and 112432.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Maytag, Admiral, International, Amana, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef, Hoover
Product Number: WP112432
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

TER20W0YW2 30" Electric Range
RF366PXGW0 Range
GR563LXSQ1 (White) Cooktop
GR563LXSB1 (Black) Cooktop
GR563LXST1 (Biscuit) Cooktop
GR563LXSS1 (Black Stainless) Cooktop
1195^1A Gas Cooktop
RB1300XKW1 Electric Cooktop
1116^0A Gas Cooktop
1176^0A Gas Cooktop
KBMC140HBL04 30" Bulit-in Microwave
KBMC140HWH04 30" Bulit-in Microwave
KBMC140HSS04 30" Bulit-in Microwave
KBMC140HBT04 30" Bulit-in Microwave
RHM7700 Tabletop Microwave
LDE9800 Electric Dryer
CFI1301W2 Residential Dryer
CFE1300W3 Residential Dryer
CFE1300W2 Residential Dryer
RB130PXV3 Built-in Electric Double Oven
RB130PXK3 Built-in Electric Double Oven
RB130PXK1 Built-in Electric Double Oven
RB130PXK2 Built-in Electric Double Oven
RB130PXV0 Built-in Electric Double Oven
RB130PXV1 Built-in Electric Double Oven
RB130PXV4 Built-in Electric Double Oven
RB130PXK0 Built-in Electric Double Oven
KGSI901PBS00 30" Slide-in Gas Oven
RB220PXK0 Built-in Electric Oven
1093B3A Built-in Gas Oven
RB2000XKW0 Built-in Electric Oven
RB760PXBQ2 27" Built-in Electric Wall Oven
RB260PXK0 Built-in Electric Oven
RB760PXBB2 27" Built-in Electric Wall Oven
RB260PXK1 Built-in Electric Oven
RB220PXV2 Built-in Electric Oven
RB220PXV1 Built-in Electric Oven
RBD245PRS01 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDB3 27" Built-in Electric Oven
RBD275PDB2 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDQ3 27" Built-in Electric Oven
RBD245PDB3 Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ1 Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ3 Electric Oven
RBD275PDB1 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDQ1 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDQ2 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDB1 Electric Oven
RBD245PDB2 Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ2 Electric Oven
RBD275PDB6 27" Built-in Electric Wall Oven
RBD275PDQ6 27" Built-in Electric Wall Oven
RBD305PDB1 Electric Oven
RBD305PDQ1 Electric Oven
RBD305PDQ3 Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ4 Electric Oven
RBD245PDB4 Electric Oven
RBD245PDB6 Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ6 Electric Oven
RBD275PDQ4 27" Electric Double Oven
RBD245PDB7 Electric Oven
RBD275PDB4 27" Electric Double Oven
RBD275PDQ7 Built-in Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ7 Electric Oven
RBD305PDQ4 Electric Oven
RBD275PDB7 Built-in Electric Oven
GBS307PRS02 Electric Built-in Oven
RB260PXYB1 Built-in Electric Oven
RBS240PDB1 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PRB00 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PRQ00 Electric Built-in Oven
RBS240PDB3 24" Built-in Electric Oven
RB260PXBB1 30" Built-in Self Cleaning Oven
RBD245PRT00 Electric Built-in Oven
RBS270PDB1 Electric Built-in Oven
IBS330PRS01 30" Built-in Electric Self Clean Oven
RB260PXBQ1 30" Built-in Self Cleaning Oven
RB260PXBQ2 30" Built-in Self Cleaning Oven
RBS270PDB3 27" Built-in Electric Oven
GBD307PRS02 Electric Built-in Oven
RB220PXYB3 30" Built-in Continuous Clean Electric Oven
RB260PXBB0 30" Built-in Electric Oven
RB260PXBB2 30" Built-in Self Cleaning Oven
RB260PXBQ0 30" Built-in Electric Oven
RBD245PDB12 Electric Oven
RBD245PDB8 Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ12 Electric Oven
RBD245PDT8 Electric Oven
RBD245PRS00 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDQ8 Electric Wall Oven
RB220PXYB1 Built-in Electric Oven
RB220PXYB2 Built-in Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ8 Electric Oven
RBD245PDS12 Electric Oven
RBD245PDT12 Electric Oven
RBD275PDB8 Electric Wall Oven
RBD275PDB9 Built-in Electric Oven
RBD275PDT8 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDT9 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDQ9 Electric Oven
RBD245PDT11 Electric Oven
RBD275PDQ9 Built-in Electric Oven
RBD275PDT13 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD307PDQ4 Electric Oven
GSC308PJB3 Wall Oven/Microwave Combo
GSC308PJQ3 Wall Oven/Microwave Combo
GSC308PJT3 Wall Oven/Microwave Combo
RB220PXYB0 Built-in Electric Oven
RBD245PDB11 Electric Oven
RBD245PDB9 Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ10 Electric Oven
RBD245PDQ11 Electric Oven
RBD275PDB10 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDB13 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDQ10 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDQ11 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDQ13 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD305PDB2 Electric Oven
GSC308PJS3 Wall Oven/Microwave Combo
RBD245PDB10 Electric Oven
RBD245PDB14 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDQ14 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDS14 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDT10 Electric Oven
RBD245PDT14 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDT9 Electric Oven
RBD275PDB11 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDT10 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDT11 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDQ15 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDT15 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD305PDB8 Electric Oven
RBD305PDQ2 Electric Oven
IBS330PRS02 30" Built-in Electric Self Clean Oven
RB260PXYB0 Built-in Electric Oven
RBD245PDB15 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD245PDS15 Electric Built-in Oven
GBD307PDQ1 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDT12 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD305PDB9 Electric Oven
GBD307PDB1 Electric Built-in Oven
GBD307PDS1 Electric Built-in Oven
IBS550PRS03 30" Built-in Electric Self Clean Thermal Convection Oven
RBD275PDB12 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDQ12 Electric Built-in Oven
RBD275PDS12 Built-in Electric Double Oven
RBS270PDB4 27" Electric Oven
8RBS245PDQ1 Built-in Electric Oven
GBD307PDQ0 30" Electric Wall Oven
RBD276PDB6 27" Built-in Electric Oven

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Convection Oven
  • • Dryer
  • • Microwave
  • • Oven
  • • Range
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