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 RotoZip RZ20 (F012MD2002) Router Parts

Part Number: 2610933516
In Stock, 9 Available
Price:  $5.47
Depth Gauge
Part Number: 2610907950
In Stock, 9 Available
Price:  $8.38
Brush Holder Assembly
Note: Includes holders, brushes, leads, and springs.
Part Number: 2610920317
In Stock, 18 Available
Price:  $8.38
Part Number: 2610919615
In Stock, 2 Available
Price:  $7.27
Part Number: 2610922300
In Stock, 6 Available
Price:  $16.42
Part Number: 2610925594
In Stock, 1 Available
Price:  $8.89
Variable Speed Control
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 2610919614
Sorry, this part is no longer available

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Discussion for the RotoZip RZ20 (F012MD2002) Router

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Question: Ccrown4


Brushes on my rotozip look good. Continuity to and from switch is good. I don't get continuity thru the speed control, should I? Is it a capacitor or heat switch? Any help would be appreciated.
Hi CCrown4,
As long as you have continuity trough the field then its most likely your speed controller.You won't have continuity through the speed controller as it is digital and must be in an active state for current to flow.Hope this helps.Good luck.
Question: Water Damage

Barry marks

I left my RZ 20 out in the rain. It stopped working.
Any suggestions?
With so few electrical parts offered by RotoZip your best bet is to replace the tool. They do offer the switch so you could put a multimeter on it and test the switch before you call it a loss.

Good luck!

Question: Stuck Chuck


I have to change my chuck but it is stuck. WD40 does not work.
what to do?
I have the same problem. Anyone have a solution?
Question: Screws

wayne B.

where can I obtain the screws that are used to hold the attachments on? like the scroll guide
Question: Relace Rz20 Bearing


My bearing at the top of rz20 is destroyed. I removed O ring. How do I remove bearing off main shaft. Is this a standard size bearing?
Question: Water Damage

Barry Marks

I left the tool out in the rain.
It has been a couple of weeks and still will not work.
Question: RZ20 Loss Of Power


I bought a RZ20 and promptly used it on a hardwood floor repair. I put too much stress on the motor, it began to smoke a little...maybe more than a little. From then on, the RZ20 has been unable to maintain constant rpm's...briefly revving up to speed then losing power. Is this a fixable problem? Thanks
Like Kim I too have a loss of torque in my RZ20 & my RZ10 as soon as you start to cut something. I bought them both online at a low price now I see why. Which part inside of them is it that is not working right, I'd like to repair the two of them and not have to junk them. And is there a place that will repair them I can send them too?
Question: Angle Adapter For The Saw


My saw quit working I took the angle adapter apart the gear inside is worn out does this happen often can I replace it?
Question: Commutator Broken


Pieces of the commutator on my rz20 rotozip has broken off. Can I purchase the armature assembly as a separate item or do I need to purchase a new rotozip?
Question: Keyless Chuck

Bill Conner

The chuck will not open far enough to put the drive bit in for the
cut off attachment. I have tried to wiggle the the drive bit around and it still will not go in.
Question: Rlacing Chuck On Rz20

stan r

How does one replace the chuck on a RZ20?
Question: Replacing The Chuck On An RZ20

stan R.

I need to replace the chuck on a Roto Zip RZ20. How do I do this?? Will I need any special tools??
No. the wrench supplied and the lock feature are all you need to change this out. Just requires a bit of muscle. Standard thread, so" left loosy" applies.
Question: Jigsaw Handle Release Button


Jigsaw handle button broke and it looks like it comes off with a star wrench can I just buy that part the little part that attaches to the tool that holds the handle on?
Question: Replacing The Chuck On A Roto Zi...


I needed to cut a hole at a funny angle , and badly wore down the plastic ring around the chuck. Can this be replaced?? Do I need to replace the whole chuck?? Thanks, Stan R.
Hi Stan,

The plastic ring is only sold as part of the chuck assembly. The chuck is part #2610922300 and is available from http://www.ereplacementparts.com.

Good luck with your repair!


For the $7 it cost, just replace the entire chuck. The plastic is injection molded to the chuck and i doubt they would ever after a after market. chuck with the added tooling cost. Just not worth the time and effort, when the chuck will eventually wear out as well.
Question: RZ20 Stop Working


Hi, I used RZ20 to cut hardiplank when the RZ20 suddenly stopped and right now is not working.
Mine did the same thing when I was cutting a piece of metal. I took it apart and found that one of the pressure springs that holds one of the carbon brushes in place was broken.
90% chance the carbon contacts or springs to pressure them have been damaged. The replacement assembly is under $10 now, so just buy that and a few screws later you'll be back in business.
Question: Rotozip Rz20 Brushes


need help on replacing brushes on rotozip which tool is needed to take the front two screws out of the unit?
Hey cahammer,
If you still need the info on this ..it is a torx bit # T-10
hope this helps...:)
Hi, I'm trying to get my Rotozip RZ20 apart. It works randomly and I think the brushes need to be replaced. I can get the dang thing apart to see inside. Got any ideas???

Question: RotoZip20 Needs Power Cord Repla...


RZ20 (F012MD2002) stopped working. What is the part number for power cord belong to RZ20?
I don't know how to test with a volt meter to check individual parts.. After opening the unit and cleaning it, when i turn switch on nothing happens. Once in a while the lights will turn on and unit starts and then stops. From what i have read it maybe the brushes or switch. When the unit was new I accidently cut into Power Cord's rubber, so I might as well replace it now.
Review: RotoZip - RZ20
2 star
Kiwi Contractors
Have had two of these units, neither has lasted the full warranty period. Both units have burnt-out within a very short time during light use only.Attachments and bits very expensive. Tile cutting bits don't last. Floor tile bit not very good.
Review: RotoZip - RZ20
2 star
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