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Article Breakdown

This article provides step-by-step instructions for removing and installing the wheel on a Coleman Road Trip LXE grill.


Tools & Materials

Tools Required: Small screwdriver, short block of scrap wood, ratchet/socket set

How to Replace the Wheel on a Coleman Road Trip Grill

Fixing things makes sense. This article will help you make sense of replacing the wheel on your Coleman Road Trip grill.
  Replace the wheel on your grill

Your Coleman Road Trip grill has two wheels, making it easy to move the grill around. The wheels are made of plastic. Over time, they can crack (or the hub can wear), causing a sloppy fit. When either of these problems occur, it is time to replace the wheel. The wheel assembly consists of a new wheel and the necessary mounting hardware.

Let's get started.


REMOVING THE WHEEL   1. Remove the wheel.

a. Use a small screwdriver to pry the plastic hub cap from the wheel

b. Slide a piece of scrap wood or other material underneath the axle to raise (and stabilize) the grill.

c. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolt that secures the wheel. d. Remove the wheel from the grill.

  INSTALLING THE NEW WHEEL   2. Install the wheel.

a. Install the new wheel onto the grill. (Note: the long, tapered side of the wheel should be facing the axle).

b. Use a socket wrench to secure the wheel with the washer and the bolt.

c. Align the pins on the hub cap with the holes on the wheel.

d. Press firmly to secure the hub cap.



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