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Repair Center  How to Replace the Spark Plug on an Echo Trimmer (Model SRM-225)

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FOLLOW-AND-FIX: Fix your trimmer like a pro with simple, step-by-step instructions and illustrations. KNOW MORE: Expand your knowledge about related components while fixing your trimmer. Know more facts; no more repair bills. TRIM YOUR EXPENSES: Restore trimmer functionality at a fraction of the cost of offsite repair.

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Removing the Spark Plug 1. Remove the spark plug. Adjusting the Gap 2. Adjust the gap. Installing the New Spark Plug 3. Install the new spark plug.


Tools & Materials

Fix Factor: Easy Duration: 10 minutes Frequency: As necessary Tools Required:Spark plug wrench or socket, spark plug gapping tool Part #: 15901019830

How to Replace the Spark Plug on an Echo Trimmer (Model SRM-225)

Fixing things makes sense. This article will help you make sense of replacing the spark plug on an Echo trimmer.
Replacing the spark plug on an Echo Trimmer The Facts

String trimmer out of whack? It's time to face the fix. Whether you are a legendary landscaper or a weekend weed whacker, provides the parts, procedures and facts you need to fearlessly fix what fails you.

Replacing the spark plug should be part of the normal yearly maintenance on your trimmer. Symptoms of a bad spark plug include difficulty starting, misfiring or the inability to start the engine at all. This article provides step-by-step instructions for removing and replacing the spark plug on an Echo SRM-225 trimmer.

Let's get started.

The Fix   REMOVING THE SPARK PLUG [top] 1. Remove the spark plug.

Remove the spark plug boot from the spark plug.

Remove the boot


Use a spark plug wrench (or socket) to loosen the spark plug.

Loosen the spark plug


Remove the spark plug from the cylinder head.

Remove the old plug


  ADJUSTING THE GAP [top] 2. Set the gap on the new spark plug.

The “gap” is the distance between the ground electrode (metal strap) and the center electrode. This distance is measured (and adjusted) with a spark plug gapping tool. Adjustments are made by moving the strap closer to (or farther from) the center electrode.

Gapping the plug


Measure and adjust the gap (as necessary) to twenty-five thousandths of an inch. (0.025).

Adjust the gap


  INSTALLING THE NEW SPARK PLUG [top] 3. Install the new spark plug.

Thread the new spark plug into the cylinder head.

Install the new plug


Secure the spark plug with a wrench.

Secure the new plug


Replace the spark plug boot.

Replace the boot

  The Finish

You don't have to leverage your savings to level your lawns. As you just learned, repairing your own equipment is easy when you follow our step-by-step guides. Not only did you restore trimmer functionality at a fraction of the cost of replacement; you have taken the edge off of future repairs, wherever you may find them.

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