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Part Number: 792015
Briggs and StrattonToro
Availability: 14 in stock
Price: $6.78
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This is a genuine replacement part manufactured for use with small engines. The spark plug is used to fire the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder. This spark plug is available as an individual replacement part, please see model diagram for associative parts.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Toro
Product Number: 792015
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
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This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
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20H132-0114-E9 Engine
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20H132-0117-E9 Engine
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20H232-0134-B1 Engine
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20S232-0108-F1 Engine
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21B807-0735-B1 Engine
21B977-0205-B1 Engine
21B977-0773-B1 Engine
21B977-0843-B1 Engine
21T202-0119-G1 Engine
21T202-0119-G5 Engine
21T202-0123-G1 Engine
21T212-1117-G1 Engine
21T215-1111-G1 Engine
31A507-0119-B1 Engine
31A507-0123-B1 Engine
31A507-0124-B1 Engine
31A507-0134-B1 Engine
31A507-0136-B1 Engine
31A507-0471-B1 Engine
31A507-0839-B1 Engine
31A507-1498-G1 Engine
31A507-1498-G5 Engine
31A507-2471-B1 Engine
31A677-0146-B1 Engine
31A607-0125-B1 Engine
31A607-0141-B1 Engine
31A607-0145-B1 Engine
31A607-0154-B1 Engine
31A607-0156-B1 Engine
31A607-0161-B1 Engine
31A607-0164-B1 Engine
31A607-0470-B1 Engine
31A607-0508-B1 Engine
31A607-2470-B1 Engine
31A707-0335-E2 Engine
31C707-0571-B1 Engine
31C707-0826-B1 Engine
31C707-0897-B1 Engine
31C707-2826-B1 Engine
31C777-0159-B1 Engine
31E577-0115-G5 Engine
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31E677-0772-B1 Engine
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31E777-4500-G5 Engine
31E877-1502-G1 Engine
31E877-1502-G5 Engine
31E877-1630-G5 Engine
31E877-4502-G5 Engine
31E777-0115-G1 Engine
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31P677-0243-B1 Engine
31P677-0244-B1 Engine
31P677-0244-B2 Engine
31P677-0824-B1 Engine
31P677-0899-B1 Engine
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31P707-0241-B2 Engine
31P707-0241-B5 Engine
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31P707-0242-B1 Engine
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31P777-0238-G5 Engine
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31Q677-0125-B1 Engine
31Q677-0126-B1 Engine
31Q677-1629-G5 Engine
31Q677-1631-G5 Engine
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31Q677-4505-B1 Engine
31P877-0118-E1 Engine
31P877-0118-E2 Engine
31P877-0121-E1 Engine
33M677-0149-B1 Engine

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Lawn Tractor
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Plug--Oil Drain (3/8 Standard) - 690946
Fuel Filter - 394358S
Air Cleaner Cartridge - 594201
Plug-Spark - 792015
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
Tune up
Remove the air cleaner cover, remove old filter and insert new filter
Remove the old fuel filter from the fuel line and install the new one
Replaced the leaky oil drain plug and replaced with new one
Removed the old spark plug and gapped the new one at 0.030 and installed it
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1 of 1 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Plug-Spark - 792015
Plug-Carburetor - 94628
Filter-A/C Cartridge - 710266
Filter-Precleaner - 710268
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Socket set, Wrench Set
Missing the parts when purchased
Removed the air cleaner cover and inserted the filter and prefilter. Installed the carburetor plug in the float bowl. Gapped the spark plug at 0.030 an installed it.
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