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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch
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Hinge Cam Riser

Part Number: WR02X10140
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Product Information
This is a genuine GE part for use with GE Refrigerators. The door closer cam raises the door to keep the door from touching the refrigerator liner when the door is closed. The most common reasons for replacing the hinge cam riser is if the doors won't self-close or stay close, the door slips when opened, there is loud noise when opening or closing door and if is broken or cracked. This part is sold individually. The tools that you will need to replace the hinge cam riser are a Phillips screwdriver and a ratchet with a 5/16 socket.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

TFX20JRBBAA Refrigerator
ERS2022DABB Refrigerator
ERS2026DABB Refrigerator
ERS2026DAWW Refrigerator
ERS2022DACC Refrigerator
ERS2026DACC Refrigerator
ERS2022DAWW Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBKAD Refrigerator
MST25GRBGWW Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBCAD Refrigerator
MSX20BABBWH Refrigerator
MSX25DPBBWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRYAAA Refrigerator
MSX25DRZBAA Refrigerator
MSX25GRBAWW Refrigerator
MSK25GACGAA Refrigerator
MSX22GRBBAA Refrigerator
MSG25GRAAWW Refrigerator
MST20GABGWW Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBBWW Refrigerator
MST20GABBWW Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBBAD Refrigerator
MSG20GABBWW Refrigerator
MSK25GRBEAA Refrigerator
MST25GRYAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCBWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABCWW Refrigerator
MSG22GABEWW Refrigerator
MST25GRZAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCEWW Refrigerator
MST20GABCWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCGWW Refrigerator
MSK25GRDAAA Refrigerator
MSG25GRBGWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GABGWW Refrigerator
MSK26GRDAAA Refrigerator
MSX25DRZAAA Refrigerator
MSK25ZRDAAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GABBWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBKAA Refrigerator
MSX20BABBAD Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBBWH Refrigerator
MSG22GABKWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GABEWW Refrigerator
MSG26GRDAWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRBAAA Refrigerator
MSX25DPBAAA Refrigerator
MST25GRBBWW Refrigerator
MSK25GADAAA Refrigerator
MSG22GABCWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABGWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWBBWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCCWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABEWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRBBWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWBKWW Refrigerator
MST25GRZBWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRYAWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRBEWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRYDWW Refrigerator
MSX25DRZAWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABKWW Refrigerator
MSX25DPBAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCKWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBGAD Refrigerator
MST25GRBAWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRYDAA Refrigerator
MSK25ZADAAA Refrigerator
MSG22GABGWW Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBEWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBEAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GABKWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRZAWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBBAD Refrigerator
MSG25GRBAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBGWW Refrigerator
MSK25GRBCAA Refrigerator
MSG20GWBEWW Refrigerator
MSK25GRBBAA Refrigerator
MSG25GRYAWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRZBWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBKAD Refrigerator
MSG22GABBWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBBAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GABCWW Refrigerator
MST25GRBEWW Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBGWH Refrigerator
MSX25GRBBAA Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBCWH Refrigerator
MSG20GWBGWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBGAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GWBCWW Refrigerator
MSK25GACEAA Refrigerator
MSG20GWBCWW Refrigerator
MSX25DPBBAA Refrigerator
MSX22GRBBWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBEAD Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBKWH Refrigerator
MSK25GRAAAA Refrigerator
MST26GRDAWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBCAD Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBCWW Refrigerator
MST20GABEWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRBBWW Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBKWW Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBGAD Refrigerator
MSK25GRBAAA Refrigerator
MSK22ZRDAAA Refrigerator
MSK25GRBGAA Refrigerator
MSX25DRZBWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRBCWW Refrigerator
MST20GABKWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWBBWW Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBEWH Refrigerator
MRSC20KWBEAD Refrigerator
MSK22GRBCAA Refrigerator
MST25GRBCWW Refrigerator
TFG22JRBGWW Refrigerator
TFG25PABCWW Refrigerator
TFG25JRBCWW Refrigerator
TFG22JABBWW Refrigerator
TFB26PPDABB Refrigerator
TFG20JRBCWH Refrigerator
TFG22JRBCWW Refrigerator
TFB26PPDAWW Refrigerator
TFG25PEBAWH Refrigerator
TFG20JRBKWW Refrigerator
TFG22PRBCWW Refrigerator
TFG20JRBBWH Refrigerator
TFG25PAYAWW Refrigerator
TFG20JABBWW Refrigerator
TFG22JRDAWH Refrigerator
TFG25JRYFWW Refrigerator
TFG25PABEWW Refrigerator
TFG20JABKWW Refrigerator
TFG20JRBEWH Refrigerator
TFG22JADAWW Refrigerator
TFG22JRDAWW Refrigerator
TFG25JRBBWW Refrigerator
TFG20JRBGWH Refrigerator
TFG25PAAAWW Refrigerator
TFG20JRBEWW Refrigerator
TFG25JRBAWW Refrigerator
TFG25JRBEWW Refrigerator
TFG22JABEWW Refrigerator
TFG25PABGWW Refrigerator
TFG25PABBWW Refrigerator
TFG25JRYDWW Refrigerator
TFG20JRBCWW Refrigerator
TFG22JRBBWW Refrigerator
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