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Harness Motor Disp

Part Number: WR23X463
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $112.84
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WR23X463
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

TPX24PRBAAA Refrigerator
TFT30PRDAAA Refrigerator
TFT30PRBCAA Refrigerator
TFT30PRBCWW Refrigerator
TFT30PRBEWW Refrigerator
TFT30PRBBAA Refrigerator
TFS28PPBEBS Refrigerator
TFS28PPDABS Refrigerator
TFT30PRDAWW Refrigerator
TFT30PRDBWW Refrigerator
TFT30PRDBAA Refrigerator
TFS28PPBGBS Refrigerator
TFT30PRBEAA Refrigerator
TFS28PPBABS Refrigerator
TFT30PRBAWW Refrigerator
TFT30PRBBWW Refrigerator
TFT30PRBGAA Refrigerator
TFS28PPBBBS Refrigerator
TFT30PRBAAA Refrigerator
TFH30PRTBAA Refrigerator
TFH30PRTBBB Refrigerator
TFH30PRTBWW Refrigerator
TPX24BRDBAA Refrigerator
TPX24BRDBBB Refrigerator
TFX30PPDBBB Refrigerator
TFX30PPDAWW Refrigerator
TFX28PPDBAA Refrigerator
TPX24PRBEWW Refrigerator
TPX24PPBEBB Refrigerator
TPX24PRBCWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRBJWW Refrigerator
TFX28PPCGAA Refrigerator
TPJ24PRBGWW Refrigerator
TFX28PPCGBB Refrigerator
TFX30PPBBAA Refrigerator
TPX24PPBGBB Refrigerator
TFT30PRBGWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRDAAA Refrigerator
TPX24PRBGAA Refrigerator
TFX28PPCBWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRBGWW Refrigerator
TPJ24PRBGAA Refrigerator
TPJ24PRBCBB Refrigerator
TPX24PPBJAA Refrigerator
TPX24PPDACC Refrigerator
TPX24PPDAAA Refrigerator
TPJ24PRDAWW Refrigerator
TPX24PPDABB Refrigerator
TPX24BPDACC Refrigerator
TPS24BPCGBS Refrigerator
TPX24BRBJBB Refrigerator
TPX24BPBJWW Refrigerator
TPX24BPBJCC Refrigerator
TPX24BPDAWW Refrigerator
TPS24BPCJBS Refrigerator
TPX24PRBAWW Refrigerator
TPX24SRYEBS Refrigerator
TPX24PRYEWW Refrigerator
TFX30PPZCWW Refrigerator
TPX24BRYFAA Refrigerator
TFX30PRYFAA Refrigerator
TPX24PRYFBB Refrigerator
TFX30PPZBWW Refrigerator
TPJ24PRZAWW Refrigerator
TPX24BPZCWW Refrigerator
TPJ24PRZCAA Refrigerator
TFX30PRYDWW Refrigerator
TPJ24PRZCWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRYAAA Refrigerator
TFX30PRYDBB Refrigerator
ZISB420DMB Refrigerator
ZSGS420DMESS Refrigerator
ZISW360DMB Refrigerator
ZISS420DRASS Refrigerator
ZISS360DRDSS Refrigerator
ZISS480DMC Refrigerator
ZISS480DRBSS Refrigerator
ZISS420DRDSS Refrigerator
ZISS480DRJSS Refrigerator R Series
ZISS480DRDSS Refrigerator
ZISS420DRFSS Refrigerator
ZISS480DRGSS Refrigerator
ZISW360DMD Refrigerator
ZISB360DMC Refrigerator
ZISW480DRB Refrigerator
ZSGW420DMA Refrigerator
ZISW480DRF Refrigerator
ZISW420DMD Refrigerator
ZSGW420DMB Refrigerator
ZSGB420DMB Refrigerator
ZISB420DRJ Refrigerator R Series
ZISB480DRB Refrigerator
ZISB480DRF Refrigerator
ZSGW420DMD Refrigerator
ZISB420DRG Refrigerator
ZISB480DRG Refrigerator
ZISW420DRB Refrigerator
ZISB420DRI Refrigerator
ZISB360DRJ Refrigerator R Series
ZISB360DRD Refrigerator
ZISW360DRH Refrigerator
ZISW420DRI Refrigerator
ZISW420DRE Refrigerator
TFX28PPDBWW Refrigerator
TFX28PPDAAA Refrigerator
TFX28PPDBCC Refrigerator
TFX28PPDBBB Refrigerator
TFX30PPDACC Refrigerator
TPX24PRDBAA Refrigerator
TFX28PPDAWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRDBWW Refrigerator
TPX24PPDBCC Refrigerator
TPS24PPDABS Refrigerator
TPS24BPDABS Refrigerator
TFX28PPCECC Refrigerator
TFX28PPCEBB Refrigerator
TFX28PPCEWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRBEBB Refrigerator
TFX30PPBEAA Refrigerator
TPX24PPBECC Refrigerator
TFX30PPBEBB Refrigerator
TPX24PRBEAA Refrigerator
TPX24PRBJBB Refrigerator
TFX30PPBGAA Refrigerator
TPX24PRBJAA Refrigerator
TPX24PRBBWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRBBBB Refrigerator
TFX30PPBGCC Refrigerator
TFX28PPCGWW Refrigerator
TFX30PPBGWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRBBAA Refrigerator
TPJ24PRBEBB Refrigerator
TPX24PRBCAA Refrigerator
TPS24PPBBBS Refrigerator
TPJ24PRBBBB Refrigerator
TPX24PRBCBB Refrigerator
TPX24PPBBBB Refrigerator
TPX24PRDABB Refrigerator
TPX24BPBEWW Refrigerator
TPX24PRDAWW Refrigerator
TPX24BRBEAA Refrigerator
TPX24PPBJBB Refrigerator
TPS24BPCABS Refrigerator
TPS24PPBABS Refrigerator
TPX24BPBECC Refrigerator
TPS24PPBGBS Refrigerator
TPX24BRBBAA Refrigerator
TPJ24PRDAAA Refrigerator
TPJ24PRDABB Refrigerator
TPX24BRDAWW Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Refrigerator
Questions & Answers

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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WR23X463
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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