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Dremel 395 (F0130395CA) Corded Multi-Tool

Dremel 395 (F0130395CA) Corded Multi-Tool Parts

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We Sell Only Genuine Dremel ® Parts.

Dremel 395 (F0130395CA) Corded Multi-Tool

Dremel 395 (F0130395CA) Corded Multi-Tool Parts

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 Fig #
Armature 120V
Part Number: 2610941200
In Stock, 25+ Available
Ships within 1 business day

On-Off Switch
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 2615294888
Not Available

Power Supply Cord
Part Number: 2615294041
In Stock, 6 Available
Ships within 1 business day

Reference Plate
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 2615298861
Not Available

Collet Nut
Part Number: 2610014582
In Stock, 25+ Available
Ships within 1 business day

Rubber Ring
Part Number: 2615297373
In Stock, 3 Available
Ships within 1 business day

Recessed-Head Screw
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 2615294035
Not Available

Closure Cap
Part Number: 2615302217
In Stock, 6 Available
Ships within 1 business day

Carbon Brush Set
Part Number: 2610006477
In Stock, 15 Available
Ships within 1 business day

Parts Set
Part Number: 2615297356
In Stock, 1 Available
Ships within 1 business day

Miscellaneous Parts
 Fig #
Field 120V
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 2615302206
Not Available

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Discussion for the Dremel 395 (F0130395CA) Corded Multi-Tool

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Question: Brushes


My 395 tool will not run unless I press and hold down one of the brush caps.
Question: 395 Type 2


is the soft coupling still available for this unit??
Question: Dremel Multipro 395 Type 5 Varia...


my dremel dosent have a serial # i think i might need a new switch, am told the switch is obsolete, its red with 5 speeds, am told a blue switch part # 2610912780 will work, can anyone tell me if this is true before i start buying parts?. thanks!
Hi old57ford,
There are a million switches for the 395 on Ebay for around $25.00.I'd try there first. Just put the part number in the Ebay search.Hope that helps.Good luck.
Question: Which Switch


I have a Dremel 395 Type 4 that doesn't appear to have a 10 dgit number. The switch is red and looks much like the one shown here. Is it a good bet?
Hello 1221797,

If the switch you are replacing is red like the 2615294888 On-Off Switch. It is safe to say that it will work in your 395.

Question: Switch 2615294888


My Dremel 395 does NOT have a 10 digit model number starting with F. It simply says "Moto-Tool MODEL 395 Type 2" and the switch is RED. Since there seems to be 5 different switches, 3 of which are no longer available, and there is only one available switch that is RED, could that be the one?
Hello fosco,

As I remember all of the other switches that are not available any longer were blue in color. You should be okay ordering the 2615294888 on off switch.

I ordered the part and it was clear when I opened up my Type 2 that the new part was the wrong one. The rear bearing on the old part is too small. Since it was opened anyway, I proceeded to finish disassembling. The old switch was supposed to be variable speed but had become an "on-off" only switch several years ago so I was trying to fix that with the new switch. I took the old switch and sprayed carburetor cleaner through it before reassembling. I also had trouble figuring out how to reassemble the brushes but there was an online article on how to do it. The reassembled tool works and the switch has returned to being variable speed. Lesson learned - take apart your old switch and clean it before buying a new one. The Type 2 Moto Tool does NOT take this 2615294888 part and is apparently not available anymore.
Question: Dremel F013-395-12


unit has power, but will not turn. I opened and cleaned it as suggested here. No loose or broken pieces found. Figured " ok now it should work." put back together and still don't turn. I noticed when putting back together.... There are 2 silver round wheels on each end of armature... the one near power cord has rubber cover around it.. the one at the other end doesn't and seems to fit very tightly into case slot. Unit will turn outside of case, but not inside case. Thoughts, ideas? Help.
Hi stacey,
The armature has a front and rear bearing.The rear bearing has a rubber boot around which is a bearing damper.Often you will get a break in the field and the tool will just stop working. What you might check is the brushes.They should move freely in and out of the brush tubes.Look very closley at the brush tube that the brushes ride in and see if you can see any distortion or signs of melted plastic around the tube.The dremel tools don't deal will with heat and if you pushed the tool alittle too hard it will be damaged by excessive heat.Hope that helps.Good luck.
brush channels are good. It still doesn't turn when in case. could front bearing, which has no rubber cover, be bad? Is front bearing assy suppose to fit tightly in the case?
Well bearings should fit snug in their holders.You should be able to rotate the armature by hand smoothly.If you can't rotate it smoothly then chances are you have spun a bearing.Tinker
Question: 395 Type 3 Rotary Tool


where does the little spring fit in this tool?the 395 parts map does not show it.does in connect to the collect nut lock?
Question: Collet Nut


will this replacement fit my dremel 275?
Hello straydog1024,

The model 275 has the the same armature as a model 395. Which means the shaft is the same size and thread. It's my thought that the 2615297355 is a match.

Question: Coupling For 395 Dremel


Does the 2615294309 coupling replace the rubber like coupling tube which is between the motor shaft and the outside shaft? The old one has an internal spine and is about 3/8 inch OD and 1 inch long. There are no pictures of this and it is not on the drawing.
I have a Dremel 395 Type 3
I just replaced the coupling on my 395 Dremel. The motor shaft has an attached plastic internal spline piece that slides into the coupling. The other end of the coupling fits directly over the spline end of the outside shaft. I hope this helps.


The rubber piece on the end of the drive shaft, a bushing I read somewhere, is messed up a bit (because of the pieces of coupling that rattled around in there) and I think it needs replacing but nobody seems to make it anymore. Does anyone know how to or where to get this little rubber part? My Dremel is from the mid 1980s. I would hate to toss it out just because of this small part. Please help. Why don't you make this part ereplacementparts.com? It just says discontinued on your site. I need your help, please!
Question: Dremel 395- Copper Contact Fell ...


Hello everyone,
I took apart my switch assembly on my Dremel 395 type 5 unit to clean the metal contacts inside. But we I pull the housing apart, a brass of copper contact piece fell out.
Can anyone help and tell me where that piece goes. The other one is still in tact.

Thanks for your help,
Question: Mdl.395 Type3


I have a Mdl. 395 type 3 corded Multi tool that has a broken drive coupler. The coupler connects the motor to the chuck assembly.The coupler is made out of some kind of flexiable material. Is there a replacement part or is this a lost cause?
I have used a clear piece of plastic tubing-worked quite well. The coupling in the parts list above, part 818 is probably what you want. I have a couple of part #818 now but no tool to use them on.
Do you still have these plastic coupler(s). I need one (some). Thank you, Chris (530) 913-3029
Question: Variable Speed Switch


is this switch variable speed
Question: Dremel Multi Tool Model 395 Type...


I have the 395 dremel multitool with a flex shaft. It has been years since I used this tool and I have long since misplaced/lost both the nut needed to use the flex shaft and the nut needed to use the tool. I vaguely remember that they are two different parts. Any ideas what I need. Thanks
Question: Small Diameter Coupling


I just received my coupling and after opening package and starting to put it on, I learned that this coupling is too large in dameter. jWhat coupling do I need?
Hello nik4stef,

This coupling is for the Dremel 395. Is this the Dremel model number of the the tool you need the coupling for.
Question: How Do I Know What Parts


I have 2 multi-master sanders; they won't run, so how can I fix them???????????
Question: Dremel 395 Switch

Jim L

Will the on/off switch Part# 2610912780 for a Dremel corded multi-tool #395 (F013 0395 04) work on a #395 (F013 0395 12) ?
There's no switch listed on the parts list for the #395 (F013 0395 12) but the part diagrams look identical with the (F013 0395 04) and they use the same armature and brushes?
Question: Motor Quit


I was using my 395 Series 5 tool, it got pretty hot and all of a sudden it quit running. I took it apart, checked the switch and cleaned the commutator, looked it over and did not see anything that appeared not right. Any ideas as to what might be wrong with it. Maybe an armature wire broke and it lost continuity? I hate to start ordering parts and find they are not the problem! Thanks for any help you can offer.
Same thing happened to mine so i took it apart. Nothing was obvious right away until i took the on/off switch and turned it to the on position while it was out of the case. Under the switch is a little control board and it was black and burnt up. If you haven't checked this, take a look.
i think it is the little copper tab that touches the brush spring
Question: Chuck Cap Not Spinning


My Dremel chuck and collet do not spin. Does anyone have an idea what internal part may be broke? I am thinking Flex Coupler, or the output shaft assembly. I have the Dremel Model 395-3. Thank You.
I just had the same problem. Upon disassembling I found the flex coupler had broken up from age. I am trying to find part. [note] these are very easy to take apart.
Yes, your problem is the flex coupler. I have replaced mine several times. You need Dremel part number # 2615302213 Flex Coupling . This number is off the parts bag. Have a good day. Roger
I need to replace the flex coupler on mine also, but can't seem to locate the part. Does anyone know where I can find it? I am in the middle of a project and cannot continue until I replace this.
Good luck finding a coupling for this hunk of junk .
use 1/8"IDx3/8"ODx1"length surgical tubing.
I replaced mine with 1/8"IDx3/8"ODx1" surgical tubing. Most dive shop/sporting goods/fishing supply/hardware stores should carry this item.(ask them for a 1" sample,If the're nice,they will give it to you,it's cheap anyway so buy a foot and keep for spare which I doub't you will need it) Flex tubing need to flex to prevent damage to other components. Just squeeze it on and you're good to go. (I cut mine from my slingshot)
Thanks to Bruno I'm up and running. 1/8 x3/8 surgical tubing fix was good, fast, and cheap. The three ingredients I like most in repairs.
Question: Stopped Cold


I have a 395 that just stopped cold. I opened it up and tested all of the contacts with a multimeter. I was able to see the brushes and they have very little wear on them. As I proceeded to re-assemble the tool, it started to run. Yes I was re-assembling with the power on and plugged in. I found that if I squeeze the outside of the tool at the point where the brushes are replaced, I am able to get the tool to run. It will only run while I am squeezing the tool. The bearings are in great shape, as it will spin a very long time without a sound or vibration. My question is if not the brushes or the bearings what else?
It sounds like your brushes could be stuck, possibly due to some type of moisture damage. Pull them out clean with a methanol swab or alcohol. Let them fully dry and try it again. Also, use an emery cloth to clean up the bottom of the contacts and the motor part as well. You might have some carbon build up there.
Mine did the same thing, it was the caps that hold the brushes. If you over tighten them it will strip the threads. That causes the brushes to be too loose. It works fine if you press on the brush caps while using. I ordered new ones and have had no problems since.
i did the same cleaned the commutator new switch new brushes sanded the armature still only worked when i tapped it took off the chuck put the shaft in my shopsmith spun the moto tool shaft to seat the brushes . tapped it and it is running.now
the only thing i think it could be is the little copper tab that the spring from the brushes hit to make contact.
Question: Bearing Replacement

Bill Blight

I Have a Dremel 395 Rotary Tool.
How do I remove the extension from the motor shaft to allow for the bearing replacement.
Question: Dremel Not Working

Craig R

I have a Dremel 395 and when it's plugged in, it does not work. Motor won't turn. What could be the cause of this? Brushes or the switch?
It could be either, however, when the brushes wear out performance deteriorates until it finally quits. If it was running OK and then stopped, the switch is probably at fault. I had two different 395's (type 5) go bad within 6-months of each other and I disassembled them and used a pencil eraser from a mechanical pencil to clean the copper contacts in the switch and they both run fine now. Pay attention to how it comes apart and be careful! Some of the parts are small and need to be put back exactly as they were taken off. If that doesn't fix it, use your multimeter to check for continuity of the cord and field windings to find the offending part. The cord's ends plug into the switch and the switch plugs into the field windings. There are a couple of removable brass or copper contacts that can come out of the switch assembly housing. They go into the area of the brushes and serve as two parts that plug into the field windings. Do not use a regular pencil eraser as they usually have some type acid in them. Use one from an art supply or a mechanical pencil. I learned this cleaning computer parts' contact areas.
Good luck,
Question: Spindle Connector Sleve


I have a 395Type 3 Dremel that suddenly stopped working the other day. I was using it and the spindle stopped turning although the motor still runs. I took it apart and found that the plastic connector sleeve between the spindle and drive shaft had crumbled. Does anyone know where I can get that part?
I have the type 2 with the same problem - I suspect it's "obsolete"
john; i too had this problem with my 395. i got a piece of plastic tubing at a hardware store and was able to fabricate one. i might still have a piece left. not sure tho. i just cut it to length and pushed it on and it worked like new, now the switch is bad and i need a new switch- got any ideas to where i can get a replacement switch? Dave
I just had the same problem with my Type 3. Rubber/Plastic Tube sounds like a quick fix.... Thanks
Could you be a little more specific as to the type/size/diameter plastic tubing you obtained. I went to my local Home Depot as our local hardware store has just closed. They looked at me like I was talking gibberish from another planet even after I showed them what was left of the plastic sleeve.
The plastic tubing is an excellent idea but sort of hard to find. I found a piece of RG58U cable that has almost the right diameter. I used a wire stripper to to get the outside off and cut it to length. It works.
John, I made some from vinyl tubing, 1/4 ID x 3/8 OD, cut to the right length. I have an old spindle that I heated up on an electric burner, on high, for 1.5 minutes. Then I forced the spindle into one end of the tubing. I waited about 10 seconds then put it under cold water to cool. I did same to the other end.
I just repaired my 395 Type 3 by using a 1" long piece of rubber fuel line. I ground down the OD to be the same size as the original connector and then pressed it onto the "nose" end which was easy because it removes from the housing very easily. Then I heated the other end of the tubing (with a match) and pressed it onto the motor.

THEN I FOUND THIS SITE! I should have looked here first!
I loaned mine out and it came back with the same problem. I also took it apart and found the plastic tubing disintegrated. I went to the garage and found a piece of tube with the same size internal and outside diameter. I then cut it to a length just shy of the internal mountings. I adjusted the placement of the tube to allow free rotation of the shafts. The length is about 1" the tube was about 3/8" internal dia.
I used a piece of 3/8 OD clear vinyl water tubing from Lowes. The fit is tight enough that is seems to make no difference even without using the heat trick to make ribs. Cost is 22 cents per foot. You need less than an inch.
I followed the suggestions above and used a piece of black drip irrigation hose that I had in my shop. Works like a charm.
I carve decoy's and use both Dremel and Fordom tools. I had recently purchased a new shaft and brushes for the Fordom. I called the supplier and he told me to call 1-800-4 dremel. I did and they are sending new couplings and spindles. Total cost, including shipping, $7.75.

Hope this helped.
Dude! just fixed mine using the suggestion in response #9 thanks a lot it works
Question: Bearings


I have a model 395 that is very noisy, it's had a hard life, is it possible to replace the Bearings?
It looks like the bearings are part of the armature assembly which, unfortunately, is discontinued. You might try removing the armature and taking it to a local bearing supplier in your area. They might have the bearings for it.

Good luck!

I have the same problem. The bearings are marked "Thailand NMB 626Z"
Dimensions are ID (Shaft) 6mm,, OD 19mm, Width 6mm.
I am after information myself as to how to remove the shaft extension to allow the front bearing replacement.
Try Bocca Bearings, they should have them.
Dremel does not supply the bearings for that model, but you can replace them if you like.
Just remove them from the armature and take them to a local bearing supply in your area. They should have them in stock, if not the can order them in.


I have a Dremel 395. Originally it had a small drill chuck. I can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions?
Good news! The part is still available. It is part #4486 and is available from http://www.ereplacementparts.com. -Mark
Question: Dremel Parts


I have a Dremel 395 and need to order part no. 19 on your diagram A. It fits inside the collet nut. Is this part available? Please advise.
Question: 395 Moto-Tool Coupling?


My Moto-Tool 395 needs a rubber/plastic part that connects the armature to the final shaft. This connecting rubber part has disintegrated into pieces. Don't what else to call it.
The schematics shown for the various 395's don't illustrate the part but name a "coupling" part number 2615 2943 09 (figure 818) $1.61. I think this is what I need but is not available.

Is there anyway to get this "coupling"? My tool is otherwise in perfect working condition.
Hello 904369,

The part number for the Dremel coupling is 2615294309.

Hope this helps,
Review: Dremel 395 - Replaced A Switch
5 star
Your video on how to replace a switch in my 395 Dremel tool was very helpful. Once I fixed mine after a friend "broke it" he now wants me to fix his. I opened it up and looked nothing like mine. Come to find out it looks to be a type 3 version, probably much older than mine. After some searching on your web site it is a coupler that broke into millions of pieces. I ordered 3 of them.
Review: Dremel - 395 Motor Spins, Shaft ...
2 star
The reason mine failed, was the plastic "spline driver" that connects to the flex coupler came right off the armature and is damaged beyond repair. My local tool repair says it's molded on and I need a whole new armature. I found a source for just the plastic piece for around $2 and the flex coupler for around $3, but that is backordered. Built to fail. Newer models are designed better.
Review: Dremel - 395 Piece
1 star
egide girard
le bouton pour la vitesse ne fonctionne plus,dommage
j ai le modele 395

(button for speed no longer works, damaged. I have the 395 model)
Review: Dremel - 395 Excellent
5 star
John Voth
I have had my 395 for over 10 years. No trouble. The frame is now worn and the front bearing and back bearing are in fine shape. So I will put Electrical tape first and later maybe some
fiber glass for a bearing housing since at lo/high speed there is much vibration and noise. Since the housing is out of production this will be my solution. This tool has many hours of use and tough treatment so it does not owe me anything. Getting new brushes and armature rubber bearing rear should get another 10 years from it. I will be 90 years at that point.
Review: Dremel - 395 Trash(junk)
1 star
0 Rated. Barely out of the box. No longer stocking parts?
Why bother buying a new peace of trash? no support.
Racine WI. My state too. Unless that's Ricine Japan/China.
I agree 100 % that Dremel rotary tools are junk from right out of the box. I bought the 395 back in July 2009 and right off it had problems with the switch. Set it to a certain speed and the motor would speed up and down over and over and the motor keep getting real hot after about 10 minutes of use. Called Dremel and they said if I would pay to send it in and pay to return it to me they would take a look at it. They said nothing about fixing or a replacement just that they would look at it.
Refused, and a week later it burnt up. Went to Wal-Mart and bought a Black and Decker rotary tool for $ 24.00 and that is more than half the price of the Dremel and it is still going strong after many long hours of work and abuse.
I will NEVER own another Dremel.
All the Dremel bits and accessories will work with the Black and Decker rotary tool.
Review: Dremel - 395
2 star
Dick L. clute
I have a Dremel tool (model 395 type 5). I burned up the three foot spring that turns the grinding tool at the end. I can't seem to locate the part to reorder it! Please respond.
well i'm trying to replace(if possib le)the small print circuit I'll call Co troler it have printed date 07/03 a nd PI 2610913345 VSC 120V. there replace part it's the damage part in my 395 II Dremel
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