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Questions & Answers

Shaft tip is stripped. Do you have replacements.
Steven for model number 395 asked on 2020-02-24
Hello Steven, thank you for your inquiry. The part you described does not appear in the parts list for this model. Please reach out to Dremel at 1 (800) 437-3635 directly to obtain the part number you need to order. Once you have this information, please feel free to check back with us for pricing and availability information. Thank you.
Discussion for the Dremel 395 (F013039512) Corded Multi-Tool

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Question: Dremel Multipro 395 Type 5 Varia...


my dremel dosent have a serial # i think i might need a new switch, am told the switch is obsolete, its red with 5 speeds, am told a blue switch part # 2610912780 will work, can anyone tell me if this is true before i start buying parts?. thanks!
Hi old57ford,
There are a million switches for the 395 on Ebay for around $25.00.I'd try there first. Just put the part number in the Ebay search.Hope that helps.Good luck.
Question: Dremel F013-395-12


unit has power, but will not turn. I opened and cleaned it as suggested here. No loose or broken pieces found. Figured " ok now it should work." put back together and still don't turn. I noticed when putting back together.... There are 2 silver round wheels on each end of armature... the one near power cord has rubber cover around it.. the one at the other end doesn't and seems to fit very tightly into case slot. Unit will turn outside of case, but not inside case. Thoughts, ideas? Help.
Hi stacey,
The armature has a front and rear bearing.The rear bearing has a rubber boot around which is a bearing damper.Often you will get a break in the field and the tool will just stop working. What you might check is the brushes.They should move freely in and out of the brush tubes.Look very closley at the brush tube that the brushes ride in and see if you can see any distortion or signs of melted plastic around the tube.The dremel tools don't deal will with heat and if you pushed the tool alittle too hard it will be damaged by excessive heat.Hope that helps.Good luck.
brush channels are good. It still doesn't turn when in case. could front bearing, which has no rubber cover, be bad? Is front bearing assy suppose to fit tightly in the case?
Well bearings should fit snug in their holders.You should be able to rotate the armature by hand smoothly.If you can't rotate it smoothly then chances are you have spun a bearing.Tinker
Question: Collet Nut


Hello straydog1024,

The model 275 has the the same armature as a model 395. Which means the shaft is the same size and thread. It's my thought that the 2615297355 is a match.

Question: Small Diameter Coupling


Hello nik4stef,

This coupling is for the Dremel 395. Is this the Dremel model number of the the tool you need the coupling for.
Question: Bearings


I have a model 395 that is very noisy, it's had a hard life, is it possible to replace the Bearings?
It looks like the bearings are part of the armature assembly which, unfortunately, is discontinued. You might try removing the armature and taking it to a local bearing supplier in your area. They might have the bearings for it.

Good luck!

I have the same problem. The bearings are marked "Thailand NMB 626Z"
Dimensions are ID (Shaft) 6mm,, OD 19mm, Width 6mm.
I am after information myself as to how to remove the shaft extension to allow the front bearing replacement.
Try Bocca Bearings, they should have them.
Dremel does not supply the bearings for that model, but you can replace them if you like.
Just remove them from the armature and take them to a local bearing supply in your area. They should have them in stock, if not the can order them in.
Question: 395 Moto-Tool Coupling?


My Moto-Tool 395 needs a rubber/plastic part that connects the armature to the final shaft. This connecting rubber part has disintegrated into pieces. Don't what else to call it.
The schematics shown for the various 395's don't illustrate the part but name a "coupling" part number 2615 2943 09 (figure 818) $1.61. I think this is what I need but is not available.

Is there anyway to get this "coupling"? My tool is otherwise in perfect working condition.
Hello 904369,

The part number for the Dremel coupling is 2615294309.

Hope this helps,
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