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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Defrost Thermostat

Part Number: WR50X134
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR50X134
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CTH14CYTJRAD Refrigerator
CTT16CYXLRAD Refrigerator
CTH14CYXRLAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYXRLWH Refrigerator
CTH14CYXRRWH Refrigerator
CTH16CYXRRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CZBBLAA Refrigerator
CTT14CYXPRWH Refrigerator
CTX14CYZBLAD Refrigerator
CTX16BYZBRWH Refrigerator
CTH16CYTJLAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYTJLWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAZDRWH Refrigerator
CTX16BAZBRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIZDLAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIZDLWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAXGRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CAXGLWH Refrigerator
CTX14CATGLAD Refrigerator
CTX14CATGLWH Refrigerator
CTH14CYTJLAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIXGLWH Refrigerator
CTH16CYTJRAD Refrigerator
CTX14LYXLRWH Refrigerator
CTX18CYBBRAA Refrigerator
CTX18CYBBLAA Refrigerator
CTX18CYBBLWW Refrigerator
CTH16CYXRLAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYXRRWH Refrigerator
CTX16CZBBRWW Refrigerator
CTX14AYXLLAD Refrigerator
CTT16CYXLRWH Refrigerator
CTX14AYXLRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CZBBLWW Refrigerator
CTH14CYXRRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CZBBRAA Refrigerator
CTX14CYZBRAD Refrigerator
CTX14CYZBLWH Refrigerator
CTT14CYXPRAD Refrigerator
CTX16BYZBLWH Refrigerator
CTX16BYXLRWH Refrigerator
CTX14EYZBRWH Refrigerator
CTX14EYZBRAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYTJRWH Refrigerator
CTH14CYTJRWH Refrigerator
CTH14CYTJLWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAZDRAD Refrigerator
CTT18EAYBRWH Refrigerator
CTT18EAYBRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIZDRAD Refrigerator
CTX14CATGRAD Refrigerator
CTX14CATGRWH Refrigerator
CTX16CIXGRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIXGLAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIXGRWH Refrigerator
CTX18CYBBRWW Refrigerator
CTX14AYXLLWH Refrigerator
CTX14AYXLRWH Refrigerator
CTH14CYXRLWH Refrigerator
CTX14CYZBRWH Refrigerator
CTX16BYZBLAD Refrigerator
CTX16BYZBRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CAZDLAD Refrigerator
CTX16CAZDLWH Refrigerator
CTX16BAZBRWH Refrigerator
CTX16CIZDRWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAXGRWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAXGLAD Refrigerator
MTX16CYXKRAD Refrigerator
MTE14EATJRWH Refrigerator
MTX14CYZCRWH Refrigerator
MTG14EYACRWH Refrigerator
MTX16EYXKRAD Refrigerator
MTG14EYBDRWH Refrigerator
MTT14EABBRAA Refrigerator
MTX18HABBRAA Refrigerator
MTG16EACBRWW Refrigerator
MTX17KABBRAA Refrigerator
MTX16EAZDRAD Refrigerator
MTX17BAZGRAD Refrigerator
MTT14EAZFRWH Refrigerator
MTG14EAZBRWH Refrigerator
MTT16EAXPRAD Refrigerator
MTX17KAZDRWH Refrigerator
MTG16EABDRWH Refrigerator
MTX16CYTGRWH Refrigerator
MTX16CYTGRAD Refrigerator
MTX14CYTGRWH Refrigerator
MTX18LYYBRWH Refrigerator
MTX14LYXKRWH Refrigerator
MTX16CYXKRWH Refrigerator
MTG16EAXHRWH Refrigerator
MTX14CYBBRWW Refrigerator
MTX14CYBFRAA Refrigerator
MTX14CYBBRAA Refrigerator
MTX14CYZFRWH Refrigerator
MTX14CYZCRAD Refrigerator
MTX14CYZBRWH Refrigerator
MTG14EYABRWH Refrigerator
MTG16EYABRWH Refrigerator
MTX16BYTGRAD Refrigerator
MTG14EACBRWW Refrigerator
MTX16HABBRWW Refrigerator
MTT16EABBRAA Refrigerator
MTX16EAZGRAD Refrigerator
MTT14EAXPRAD Refrigerator
MTX16EAZDRWH Refrigerator
MTT18EAZGRWH Refrigerator
MTT18EAZDRWH Refrigerator
MTT18EAYBRAD Refrigerator
MTT18EAYBRWH Refrigerator
MTT14EAZBRAD Refrigerator
MTG14EAACRWH Refrigerator
MTX17BAYCRWH Refrigerator
MTX17BAYBRAD Refrigerator
MTT16EAZFRAD Refrigerator
MTT16EAXPRWH Refrigerator
MTT16EAZFRWH Refrigerator
MTG16EAABRWH Refrigerator
MTT16EAZBRWH Refrigerator
MTG16EAACRWH Refrigerator
MTX16EYXKRWH Refrigerator
MTX14CYXKRWH Refrigerator
MTX16BYTGRWH Refrigerator
MTX14EYXKRAD Refrigerator
MTX14CYTGRAD Refrigerator
MTG14EAXHRWH Refrigerator
MTH14CYTJRWH Refrigerator
MTX14CYBFRWW Refrigerator
MTX14CYZFRAD Refrigerator
MTX14CYZBRAD Refrigerator
MTX14CYXKRAD Refrigerator
MTG16EYACRWH Refrigerator
MTX14EYXKRWH Refrigerator
MTG16EYBDRWH Refrigerator
MTX16EABBRWW Refrigerator
MTX16EABBRAA Refrigerator
MTT14EABBRWW Refrigerator
MTX18HABBRWW Refrigerator
MTX16HABBRAA Refrigerator
MTT16EABBRWW Refrigerator
MTX16EAZGRWH Refrigerator
MTX17BAZGRWH Refrigerator
MTT14EAXLRAD Refrigerator
MTX17KABBRWW Refrigerator
MTT14EAZFRAD Refrigerator
MTT14EAXPRWH Refrigerator
MTT14EAZBRWH Refrigerator
MTX17BAZDRWH Refrigerator
MTG14EAABRWH Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR50X134
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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