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Part Number: WD12X10147
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: WD12X10145.

Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WD12X10147
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GLD6600N10BB Dishwasher
GLD6600N10WW Dishwasher
GHDA676N10SS Dishwasher
GLD6700N10BB Dishwasher
GHDA670N10WW Dishwasher
GLD6700N10CC Dishwasher
GLD6760N10SS Dishwasher
GHDA670N10BB Dishwasher
GHDA674N10BG Dishwasher
GLD6660N10SS Dishwasher
GLD6600N10CC Dishwasher
GLD6700N10WW Dishwasher
GLD6700N20BB Dishwasher
GHDA676N20SS Dishwasher
EDW6100N10CC Dishwasher
EDW6100N10BB Dishwasher
GLD6710N20BB Dishwasher
GHDA674N20BG Dishwasher
GLD6710N10CC Dishwasher
GLD6710N20CC Dishwasher
GLD6600N20CC Dishwasher
GLD6660N20SS Dishwasher
GLD6700N20CC Dishwasher
GLD6710N20SS Dishwasher
GHDA670N20BB Dishwasher
GHDA670N20WW Dishwasher
GLD6600N20WW Dishwasher
EDW6160N10SS Dishwasher
GLD6710N10WW Dishwasher
GLD6710N20WW Dishwasher
GLD6760N20SS Dishwasher
EDW6100N10WW Dishwasher
GLD6710N10BB Dishwasher
GLD6710N10SS Dishwasher
GLD6600N20BB Dishwasher
GLD6700N20WW Dishwasher
EDW6100N20CC Dishwasher
EDW6160N20SS Dishwasher
EDW6100N20WW Dishwasher
EDW6100N20BB Dishwasher
GLD6800N10CC Dishwasher
GLD6860N10SS Dishwasher
GLD6800N10BB Dishwasher
GLD6800N10WW Dishwasher
GNLD681N10BB Dishwasher
GLD6710N00BB Dishwasher
GNLD681N10SS Dishwasher
GNLD681N20BB Dishwasher
GNLD681N10WW Dishwasher
GHD6711N20SS Dishwasher
GLD6710N00WW Dishwasher
GLD6800N20WW Dishwasher
GLD6860N20SS Dishwasher
GNLD681N20SS Dishwasher
GHD6711N20BB Dishwasher
GNLD681N20WW Dishwasher
GLD6710N00SS Dishwasher
GLD6800N20BB Dishwasher
GLD6800N20CC Dishwasher
GHD6711N20WW Dishwasher
GHDA674N00BG Dishwasher
GHDA676N00SS Dishwasher
GHDA670N00WW Dishwasher
GHD6711N00BB Dishwasher
EDW6160N00SS Dishwasher
EDW6100N00WW Dishwasher
GHD6711N00WW Dishwasher
GLD6700N00BB Dishwasher
EDW6100N00BB Dishwasher
GLD6700N00CC Dishwasher
GHD6711N00SS Dishwasher
GHDA670N00BB Dishwasher
GLD6700N00WW Dishwasher
GLD6760N00SS Dishwasher
EDW6100N00CC Dishwasher
GLD6800N00WW Dishwasher
GLD6860N00SS Dishwasher
GLD6800N00BB Dishwasher
GLD6800N00CC Dishwasher
PDW8400N20BB Dishwasher
PDW8480N20SS Dishwasher
PDW8400N20WW Dishwasher
PDW8400J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8400N00BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8400J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8480N00SS Dishwasher
PDW8400N00WW Dishwasher
PDW8600J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8480J10SS Dishwasher
PDW8400J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8400J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J01CC Dishwasher
PDW8400J00CC Dishwasher
PDW8480J01SS Dishwasher
PDW8880J00SS Dishwasher
PDW8600J00CC Dishwasher
PDW8680J00SS Dishwasher
PDW8480J00SS Dishwasher
PDW8680J01SS Dishwasher
PDW8800J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8600J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8600J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8600J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8612N20SS Dishwasher
PDW8600J01CC Dishwasher
PDW8612J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8800J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8680J10SS Dishwasher
PDW8600J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8400J03CC Dishwasher
PDW8800J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8800J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8600J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8612J00SS Dishwasher
PDW8880J10SS Dishwasher
PDW8480J03SS Dishwasher
PDW8800J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8400J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8612J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8800J00CC Dishwasher
PDW8612N00SS Dishwasher
PDW8612J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8612J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8500J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8500J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8500J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8500J01CC Dishwasher
PDW8500J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8500J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8612K10SS Dishwasher
PDW8500J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8500J00CC Dishwasher
PDW8500J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8700J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8612J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8700J00CC Dishwasher
PDW8800L00WW Dishwasher
PDW8600J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8680J03SS Dishwasher
PDW8612J03SS Dishwasher
PDW8600J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8700J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8612J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8700J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8600J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8700J00BB Dishwasher
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
Questions & Answers

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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WD12X10147
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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