Your Guide to Wine Tasting

Your Guide to Wine Tasting

Entering the wine world without much knowledge can be intimidating. Even just ordering a bottle of wine for the table at a restaurant is a fraught experience for a person who is unfamiliar with wines. The etiquette surrounding wine-tasting is mired in traditions and practicalities, such as making sure the bottle hasn’t turned before serving it to the rest of the table, but these guidelines can make the uninitiated feel excluded. Luckily, we’ve created a guide that aims to demystify some of the lingo that is common in the wine world.

Our guide breaks down the differences between old and new worlds wines, and explains how to read the label on each. Once you learn some of the characteristics that are common among certain types of wine, the lingo begins to fall in place. Our label guide also serves as a useful reference, especially if you are tasked with picking up a bottle of wine to pair with a certain dinner.

We also include a breakdown of the temperatures at which you should serve certain types of wine. You may be surprised to find that red wine is actually meant to be served slightly below room temperature, and should be briefly chilled before serving. Conversely, white wine should be chilled initially, and them removed from the refrigerator to allow it to rise back up in temperature slightly before serving.

Finally, take our test to determine if you are a wine “supertaster”. It may turn out that you’re more naturally skilled at tasting wine than you think!

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