Why Your Snowblower Chute Isn’t Adjusting

Why Your Snowblower Chute Isn’t Adjusting

A convenient feature found on many snowblowers is the ability to adjust the direction and the angle that the snow is thrown. However, with more moving parts comes more opportunities to break. If you find yourself with a driveway full of snow, and a snowblower chute that isn’t moving, we’re here to help! After you’ve checked that nothing is jammed or blocking the chute, there are a few different components that can cause your snowblower chute to not adjust. Before beginning any repairs to your snowblower, be sure that it is powered down, that the key isn’t in the ignition, and for extra safety measures, the spark plug should also be removed.  

Different Types of Chutes 

Depending on what type of snowblower you have, there are a variety of different chute options. Some common types are manual, crank, and lever chutes. A manual chute is the least convenient, as you have to stop the snowblower in order to make any adjustments by hand. A crank chute uses a handle that is rotated to change the direction of the chute. With a lever chute, you either push in or pull out the lever to change direction, which you can do without needing to stop the snowblower first. These options typically just adjust the chute, but not the deflector. Some snowblowers will have a joystick-like control, which can adjust both, or electric chutes which can be adjusted using the buttons on the handles. So, which parts might cause you the headache? We’re going to look at four different parts, along with the chute itself.  

Person snowblowing driveway


Some models of snowblowers use cables to control the deflector on top of the chute. You should inspect these cables for wear, and if they are stretched out and loosened from use, check to see if your snowblower has the option to tighten them up. If they can’t be tightened, they will need to be replaced. You should also take a look at the pivot brackets. These brackets hold the cables in place and allow for the cables to pivot. If these brackets are broken, they will need to be replaced.  

Check the cables


The gears rotate the chute in the direction you want the snow to blow. The chute controls can vary from electric to manual, and if you have manual chute controls you will want to make sure the rod is connected to the gearbox assembly correctly. You will also want to check that there is no damage to the gearbox itself. When looking these parts over, check to see if the gears spin freely. If they don’t, the gearbox will need to be replaced. If there are any other signs of damage or worn gears, these parts will need to be replaced.  

Check the gears

Springs and Hinges

The deflector is an adjustment piece that is found at the top of the shoot, which determines the angle and length the snow will get thrown. Deflector springs and hinges are what adjust the chute to throw snow in these various positions. Be sure to inspect the springs or hinges, and if either are damaged or broken, they will have to be replaced.  

Check the springs and hinges


Lubricating the moving components of the chute will have a lasting effect by keeping your snowblower working its best. You will want to spray all the connecting cable joints and hinges thoroughly. You can also use a nonstick spray inside the chute itself, which helps prevent snow, dirt, and grass from sticking inside the chute.  

Lubricate the components of the chute

The Chute

Sometimes the problem may just be the chute itself. If you have inspected the cables, gears, springs, hinges, and ensured everything is well lubricated, you may need to replace the actual chute.

Snowblower chute

Hopefully these help you get your chute unstuck so you can get that snow cleared! If you ever need help troubleshooting or repairing your snowblower, you can find more helpful videos on our YouTube channel , and all the replacement parts you need on our site. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 

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