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Lawnmower Tuneup Tips | DIY DIY Blog
Lawnmower Tuneup Tips

Lawnmower Tuneup Tips

Spring is finally here! It’s time to bring out all your old tools and get to those projects you’ve been planning. Before you dive straight in and start trimming your lawn, it’s good to make sure your lawn mower is still working properly. A good tune up early on will make for an easier spring and summer.

Below you can find our written tune up checklist, or you can view our video guide here:

Clean Under the Lawn Mower

This is a task that’s best to do before you store your mower for the winter, and should be done after each use. Before cleaning out your mower, ensure it is completely off and not able to accidentally start. Then you can remove any grass and debris from around the blades

Change the Mower’s Oil

Most mowers need their oil changed every 20-50 hours of operation, or at least once a year. To do this, set down a pan beside your mower, remove the oil cap and then tilt the mower onto its side, allowing it to drain into the pan. Once it’s emptied, replace the oil cap. Then you are free to refill your mowers oil, following the manufacturers guidelines.

Check The Fuel

If fuel has been sitting in your gas tank for more than a month it’s a good idea to change it out. Drain the old fuel, and then add the fresh fuel and stabilizer to prevent the fuel from breaking down and clogging up the carburetor and fuel lines.

Check The Air Filter

Replacing your air filter can make your lawn mower run like new! Replace your air filter after 25 hours of use. If it’s clogged and dirty your mower may not run at all. Check your owner’s manual for details on how to swap the air filters.

Check the Fuel Filter

It’s important for your fuel filter to remain clean for effective operation of your lawnmower. If it gets clogged with debris, your engine may not run properly. Clean or replace your fuel filter at least once per season to keep it running smooth.

Inspect the Spark Plug

If your spark plug is bad your engine may not turn over. Check your spark plug for signs of corrosion or melted electrodes. If your spark plug is dirty you can clean it with a wire brush or simply replace it. You can also use a spark plug tester to determine if the plug is bad.

Check the Blades

Check to see if your blades need sharpening, or need to be replaced. You can sharpen blades yourself, but make sure to balance the blades before reinstalling them. An unbalanced blade can cause damage to the mower itself.

Check the Blade Height

Check to make sure the height of your blade is correct. Too low and it will damage your grass, and too high won’t cut enough. One inch is considered the optimal height, but this may vary depending on what grass you have and what your preference is.

Check Your Belts

Some mowers use belts to propel themselves. If your mower uses a belt, check it for wear, cracking or damage. If the belts do not look to be in good condition, then you will need to replace them.

Follow these tips and your lawn mower will be in great working order. Now you can get to fixing up that lovely lawn. If your mower needs some new parts for repair, or you’ve got some other DIY projects coming up soon, make sure to check out
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