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How to Smoke on a Gas Grill | DIY DIY Blog
How to Smoke on a Gas Grill

How to Smoke on a Gas Grill

Smoking your meat comes with one big benefit, and that’s that classic barbeque flavor. There are so many meats and fishes that work perfectly for this smoky technique, including (and not limited to), salmon, pork, fish, chicken, and beef brisket. With a variety of smoky scents to choose from like hickory applewood and mesquite, you can really add something unique to any meal. Some people love the process so much they invest in a dedicated smoker. The process we are about to show you on the gas grill won’t always get you quite the same result as a smoker, but it’s a great way for anyone to affordably and easily experiment with the art of smoky barbeque.

Start by Picking Your Wood

  1. Wood chunks: these burn a bit slower than chips and are about the size of an egg. You will only need one or two to do the job.
  2. Wood chips: they are about the size of a quarter, and are very easy to come by. They burn quickly so sometimes it is necessary to add more as you go. Wood chips are perfect for short cooks, but if you are looking to cook for a longer period of time, chunks are your best best. This is what we will be using for our example below.
  3. Pellets: food-grade pellets (not to be confused with heating pellets) are made purely from hardwood and do not contain any chemicals or glue. They are made by compressing wet sawdust into small rods, which generally measure half an inch. Pellets are a great option when it comes to flavor and heat. Pellet cookers are very popular because they can be regulated with a thermometer, making it easy to control the temperature.

How to use Wood Chips in a Gas Grill

Prepare Your Smoker Box

On a small cast iron or stainless steel smoker box, simply fill the box with chips (or the wood of your choice), cover with the lid, and it’s ready for the next step on the grill. If you want to up the smokiness or can’t find a smoker box there’s an easy homemade option using aluminum foil.

How to Make a DIY Smoker for Your Gas Grill

Grab a square sheet of thick aluminum foil and place it on a flat surface. Now place a big handful of wood chips in the middle of the sheet. One at a time, fold all four sides of the foil over top of the chips and press down firmly so the packet is snugly sealed, being careful no wood chips poke through. Flip the packet over to the smooth side, grab a fork, and poke a series of vents in the foil. This will let smoke escape from the packet once the chips heat up. You will want to make four to five packets, as you will need to switch them out throughout the grilling process.

Time to Get Smokin’

Whether you are using a smoker box or foil packets, you will want to heat them on one side of the grill. The fastest way to get foil packets smoking is to remove the grate on one side of the grill and place a couple packets on top of the heat tents, and then pull the grates back in place. If you are using a smoker box it can sit right on the grill grate. With the packets in place, fire up that side of the grill.

Pre-Soak Your Wood Chips

They will get hot quickly so keep a close eye on them and heat accordingly. If the chips catch fire the packet is toast. Make sure you are prepared to quickly douse any flames. To help keep things under control some people pre-soak their wood chips in water before putting them in the smoker box or in the foil packets. It takes a little bit longer for them to get smoking, but it can give you some peace of mind.

Two-Zone Indirect Grilling Method

Once the chips begin to smoke you can start grilling your meat of choice on the other side of the grill, cooking on indirect heat. Indirect grilling essentially turns your grill into an oven. The food cooks using the heat collected inside the closed grill hood instead of through contact with a direct flame, one side of the grill provides the heat while the other side gives your food a safe spot to cook low and slow without the risk of flare-ups.

Once your meat is cooked to your preference, you can take it off and enjoy the unique smoky flavor. It is really that simple, and it’s a great way to experiment with what you like. If while you are experimenting on the grill, you notice your grill is in need of some replacement parts, we’ve got you covered! Use your model number to search our extensive library of OEM grill replacement parts.
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