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How to Fix a Snowblower Auger That Won’t Engage – DIY Blog
How to Fix a Snowblower Auger That Won’t Engage

How to Fix a Snowblower Auger That Won’t Engage

Here’s the scenario, a big snowstorm has rolled through and you’re about to tackle the massive amount of snow left in its wake. You start up your snowblower, but to your surprise, the auger won’t engage. Well, don’t fear! We put together a quick list of the main reasons why your snowblower auger won’t engage so you can get back in action in no time!

Auger Assembly

The auger blades are responsible for throwing snow into the impeller, which in turn will discharge snow out of the chute. To check the auger assembly:

  1. Remove the shear pin and the bolts holding the assembly in place.
  2. Remove the blades from the snowblower.
  3. Visually inspect the blades for damage. You are looking for any signs of cracking, corrosion, chipping, or broken welds. If you see any, it will need to be replaced.
  4. Reverse this process to re-install it.

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Shear Pins

In order to save your drive system from major damage, shear pins are designed to break off if you end up hitting a rock or a large chunk of ice. Determining if the shear pin is the issue is a very simple inspection. Spin the auger blades slowly, looking for the hole where the shear pin should go to determine if the shear pin is missing or damaged.

We recommend keeping a few spare shear pins on hand as they are inexpensive and prevent you from having to shovel your driveway if one breaks.

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The gearbox is an important element that transfers power from the driveshaft to the auger. If you hear any grinding noises or you can feel the auger jumping teeth, it is a clear indication you have a problem with the gearbox. To inspect the gearbox:

  1. Remove it from the housing and open it to expose the gears.
  2. Visually inspect the gears. You are looking for signs of corrosion and missing or damaged keys. If you see any, you will need to replace the gearbox.
  3. Reverse this process to re-install it.

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Auger Belt

The auger belt is responsible for driving the auger. If the belt is worn or broken, the auger won’t rotate properly, or at all. To inspect the auger belt:

  1. Remove the belt cover and release the tension on the belt until you can safely slide it off.
  2. Carefully inspect the belt for any signs of cracking, wear, fraying, or other damage. If you find any, it will need to be replaced.
  3. Reverse this process to re-install it.

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Auger Cable

One of the most common causes for an auger not engaging is a broken or damaged auger cable. If the auger cable is stretched or broken, it will not be able to engage properly. You can inspect the cable without removing any parts, simply visually inspect the cable for signs of stretching or other damage. If it’s just stretched, you may be able to adjust it, depending on your model. If you’re unable to adjust it or if it’s broken, you will need to replace it.

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The bearings allow the auger shaft to rotate freely within your snowblower, and if the bearings start to wear or cease, the shaft will not be able to rotate freely. To inspect the bearings, carefully look at them for any signs of damage or wear, and replace if necessary.

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Happy Fixing

We hope that this guide will help you fix your snowblower! Don’t forget we have thousands of videos to help you fix all of your outdoor power equipment, power tools, and more! If you need parts to complete any of your repair jobs, we’ve got you covered with more than 2 million manufacturer-approved replacement parts! Browse Parts >
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