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Help Me Find My Washer Model Number
You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the model number on your washer. For front load machines, check around the door, particularly the door jamb and inside the edge of the door itself. Top loaders may place a sticker with the number on the side, back or top of the machine. You may also have to lift up the lid and check the jamb there. If you have your original owner’s manual, you can look inside there to easily find your model number as well.

If you still can’t find that number, give us a call and one of our customer service reps will happily give you a hand finding that number.
Help With Your Washer Repair
Not every repair is cut and dry. Some repairs, such as replacing a cord or a part of the motor, can require a bit of know-how. Sure, anyone can pop a new knob onto their washing machine, but some repairs require a little help. And that’s where we’re here for. We want all your repairs to run as smoothly as possible, so we do more than provide the right parts for your projects. We also have a depth of knowledge so you can walk into every repair informed. Check out our Repair Center where you can find how-to articles on a myriad of different repairs. Or swing by our Repair Forum where you can ask our repair experts for advice on all your DIY repair projects. With a little help from eReplacementParts, you never have to wander blindly into a repair again.
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Repair Forum
Repair Center
Washer Parts Shipped Fast
So your washer is broken? Well, that’s never good, because I don’t imagine you’re going to wash your work clothes in the sink. A broken washer is never a good thing, especially if you already have a pile of laundry that needs to get clean as soon as possible. You can call a repairman, but they can take days to make it over, and will cost you a pretty penny as well. But there is a better way! With, all in-stock parts get shipped within 24 hours, which means you’ll spend less time wondering when you can wear clean clothes again, and more time fixing your washer and saving money in the process!

We can also arrange to have parts drop shipped or special ordered. So if you don’t see the part you need on our site, give us a call and we will do our best to help you get the right parts as quickly as possible.
What We Stock
We stock parts for Electrolux, GE, Maytag, and Whirlpool washers. So if you have one of those brands, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re using a top loader or a front loader we have the parts you need to get your machine running again.

The first patent for a washing machine was filed in England in 1691. The machine utilized a hand-cranking mechanism that agitated the clothes, allowing for a better clean than the previous hand washing method. In 1904, some of the first electric washing machines hit the market, and by 1940, 60 percent of wired homes in America had an electric washer.