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Toro 20332 (290000001-290999999)(2009) Lawn Mower

 Toro 20332 (290000001-290999999)(2009) Lawn Mower Parts

Air Cleaner Assembly
Blower Housing Assembly
Carburetor Assembly
Carburetor Overhaul Kit
Crankcase Assembly
Crank Shaft Assembly
Cylinder Assembly
Deck, Side Chute and Rear Door Assembly
Engine and Blade Assembly
Engine Gasket Set
Front Axle Assembly
Governor Assembly
Handle Assembly
Muffler and Fuel Tank Assembly
Rear Axle and Transmission Assembly
Rear Bag Assembly
Starter Assembly
   Air Cleaner Assembly   

 Fig # Img Part Name Availability Price
A-163Air Cleaner Gasket
Part #: 795629
In stock
25+ available
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A-445Filter-A/C Cartridge
Part #: 491588S
In stock
25+ available
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A-966Base-A/C Primer
Part #: 795259
In stock
8 available
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Cover-Cleaner, Air Obsolete - Not Available
Part #: 692298

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Toro Mower, Model # 20332, Manufactured 2010, Rear wheel drive transmission. Have noticed “slippage” when I engage the transmission. Could this be due to the age of the V-Belt, which has never been replaced. The Self-Propel Drive Cable was replaced this past July, due to breakage. My technician replaced and made the re-adjustment to the cable. Later in the season after replacing the blade, I started noticing the “slippage” again and a “clunking” noise in the rear drive wheels while moving forward. When pulling back on the unit, the wheels would lock and not turn. Is this something to do with the transmission, the V-Belt, or an adjustment to the Drive cable?
Reply: Toro / Model # 20332 / Slippage ...


Hello Sounds like possibly the transmission is failing to me. Please view the video and read the comments to decide what you feel your course of action should be.

link removed
Question: 115-4669 Toro Drive Belt


Is this a standard belt size that mey be available locally?
Reply: 115-4669 Toro Drive Belt


Hello 1184693,

The belt part number 115-4669 is approximately 33 inches long. But the cross section is different from a standard belt. We do have them in stock. So it is only a couple of days for you to receive it after your order.

Question: Toro 20332


Is it possible to remove the blade stop function on this mower and make it like model #20332 that don't have this function???
Reply: Toro 20332


That is a built in safety feature and should probably be intact on ALL newer mowers. If it does not hinder performance, then why bother removing it?
Toro says: SpinStop™ Blade Stop System allows you to step away from the mower without having to restart. Sounds like a winner to me.