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 How do I find my model number?
Why do we need your model number?
Each product has a unique model number the same way your automobile has a unique make and model. Locating this number helps us provide you with the correct replacement parts and repair help for your specific product.

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Why Repair?

By repairing your own household appliances and electronics, you are giving them a second chance and saving them from the landfill. You'll also reduce the amount of waste, power and gas it requires to manufacture and deliver new products.

Where’s My Titan Model Number?

Like most other manufacturers, you’ll need to know your Titan model number and serial number to look up parts for your model. This information will always be listed on the box your product came in and in your products owner's manual. If you have one of these, you should have no trouble getting the necessary information.

Otherwise, you’ll need to search your product for the model and serial number. These numbers will be listed on your Titan identification plate or sticker. This tag can be listed in a number of different locations depending on your model. Check the entire frame and body of your Titan model, you should find a tag with the Titan logo printed at the top. The model number and serial number should be listed directly below the logo.

Titan likes to make their model numbers fairly simple, so if you’ve found something like Maxum II, XL255, SPEELO, or PL850, you’ve found your Titan model number. The serial number can be a little more tricky. It’s typically all numbers and may contain hyphens. Examples of possible serial numbers include 759-695, 0509055, and even 0277057.

Once you’ve gathered both of these numbers, enter them into the search box above and you’ll be one step closer to getting the repair parts you need.

Need a Hand with Your Titan Repair?

Sprayers and line stripers can be a tricky machine to keep properly maintained. The paint alone can cause clogging, corrosion, and even engine damage if you’re not properly servicing your Titan product. That’s why it’s important to have a healthy maintenance schedule and to fix parts as soon as they become damaged. But how many of you would know how to do this without expert help?

We’re happy to be the foremost supplier of Titan spare parts and repair resources on the internet. This includes replacement parts for your line stripers, sprayers, and pumps. And to make things even better, we have experts that are willing to hand out help to anyone willing to ask. They like to hang out in our repair forum. So if you’re in need of any kind of advice, swing by our repair community.

And our repair center contains hundreds of articles and videos that can help walk you through each step of a repair or common maintenance. The best part about our resources, is that they are completely free. Whether you need a helpful hand or parts and instructions installing it, we have you covered.
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Thank you for your good service. When I need to order again, you will be the first place I turn to.
Mike Smith
Texas, USA
The Spray Equipment Leader
Incase you didn’t know, Titan is the worldwide leader in the spray equipment market. That means that your local high school and college probably use a Titan line striper for their soccer and football fields. And many of the contractors across your state have made Titan their preferred choice. So whether you need a sprayer or line striper for residential or commercial applications, choose the brand that is trusted around the globe. Choose a Titan.