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Spool And String (.080 In.)

Part Number: 308044002
Availability: 25+ in stock
Price: $3.94
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: AC04120, DA98912E, AH04112T, PA00778A, UP00145A, UP00145, PA0387A and AH04112.

This is a genuine OEM replacement part, it is sold individually.
The propose of the Reel and Line Assembly is to dispense the cutting line for the trimmer models below.
This is a dual line trimmer.
The diameter of the line used in this reel is 0.080

This part is compatible with the following machines:

UT-41002 15" Line Trimmer
UT-20022 25cc Trimmer
UT-20022-A 25cc Trimmer
UT-20023-A 25cc Trimmer
UT-20002-A 25cc Trimmer
UT-20003-A 25cc Trimmer
B25C (UT-20768) Trimmer
B25C (UT-20770) Trimmer
BC3000 (UT-15099-R) Trimmer
BC800 (UT-15184) Trimmer
BC900 (UT-15166) Trimmer
BC900 (UT-15172) Trimmer
C300 (UT-20755) Trimmer
C300 (UT-20775) Trimmer
UT-70026 Trimmer
D630CD (UT-20622) Trimmer
UT20696 (D725CD) Trimmer
D725CD (UT-20714) Trimmer
D725CD (UT-20739) Trimmer
D725CD (UT-20761) Trimmer
UT20695 (D725CDE) Trimmer
UT20713 (D725CDE) Trimmer
D725CDE (UT-20773) Trimmer
D730CDV (UT-20620) Trimmer
UT20711 (D825CA) Trimmer
D825CA (UT-20736) Trimmer
UT20705 (D825CDP) Trimmer
UT15165 (D825SB) Trimmer
UT15170 (D825SB) Trimmer
UT20700 (D825SD) Trimmer
UT20701 (D825SD) Trimmer
UT20709 (D825SD) Trimmer
D825SD (UT-20729) Trimmer
D825SD (UT-20774) Trimmer
D825SD (UT-20784) Trimmer
D830CA (UT-20642) Trimmer
D830CB (UT-15109) Trimmer
D830CB (UT-15109-1) Trimmer
D830CD (UT-20622-A) Trimmer
D830SD (UT-20621) Trimmer
UT-20703 Trimmer
UT-20704 Trimmer
UT-20730 Trimmer
UT-20737 Trimmer
UT-20738 Trimmer
UT-20749 Trimmer
UT-20758 Trimmer
UT-20769 Trimmer
UT-20769-A Trimmer
UT-20785 Trimmer
UT-20806 Trimmer
UT-20832 Trimmer
UT-20837 Trimmer
UT-20699 Trimmer
UT-20693 Trimmer
UT-20712 Expand-It 3 in 1 String Trimmer
UT-20710 Expand-it Plus String Trimmer
UT-20735 Expand-it String Trimmer
UT-20777 EZ Reach String Trimmer
UT-20778 EZ Reach String Trimmer
F2020 (UT-20788) String Trimmer
F2020 (UT-20789) String Trimmer
GST18 (UT-20593-C) String Trimmer
UT15084B GSTBC String Trimmer
UT15084C GSTBC String Trimmer
HBC18 (UT-15075-C) String Trimmer
HBC28 (UT-15096) String Trimmer
HBC28 (UT-15097) String Trimmer
HLT15 (UT-20602-A) String Trimmer
HLT15 (UT-20602-B) String Trimmer
HLT15 (UT-20602-C) String Trimmer
HLT15 (UT-20605-A) String Trimmer
HLT16 (UT-20585-C) String Trimmer
HLT16 (UT-20606-A) String Trimmer
UT-20002 25cc Trimmer
UT-20779 Trim'n Edge String Trimmer
BC2500AZ (UT-15205) Trimmer
BC2500AZ (UT-15201) Trimmer
BC2500AZ (UT-15202) Trimmer
UT-20772 Trim 'N Edge
UT20006 25cc String Trimmer
UT20046 String Trimmer
UT-20601-A String Trimmer
UT20024B 25cc String Trimmers
UT20044B 25cc String Trimmers
SX135 (UT-20601-C) String Trimmer
UT15200 (BC2500R) Trimmer
UT-20706 TrimLite Gas String Trimmer
UT20771 Power Trim
UT-20581-E (ST285BC) String Trimmer
UT-20615 (ST285BC) String Trimmer
Z625CDV (UT-20631) String Trimmer
s825cdv (UT-20632) String Trimmer
s825cdv (UT-20632-A) String Trimmer
UT20004A (TrimLite) 25 CC String Trimmer
UT20004B (TrimLite) 25cc String Trimmer
UT15522E Expand-It Trimmer
UT15522F Expand-It Straight Shaft Trimmer
UT200044A 25cc String Trimmer
UT20740 (Trimlite) Gas Trimmer
UT20742 (K100) Gas Trimmer
UT20764 (K100) Gas Trimmer
UT20743 (K300) Gas Trimmer
UT20751 (K300) Gas Trimmer
UT20783 (K300) Gas Trimmer
UT20744 (ST155CKD) Gas Trimmer
UT20691R (ST2527) Gas Trimmer
UT20812 (ST2527) Gas Trimmer
UT20822 (ST2527) Gas Trimmer
UT20692R (ST2537S) Gas Trimmer
UT20813 (ST2537S) Gas Trimmer
UT20826 (ST2537S) Gas Trimmer
UT20747 (Trim N' Edge) Trimmer
UT20748 (Power Trim) Trimmer
UT20750 (K200) Trimmer
UT20772A (Trim N' Edge) Trimmer
UT20781 (K200) Trimmer
UT20819 (ST2517CRG) Trimmer
UT20820 (ST2517CRG) Trimmer
UT20930 (Trimlite) Trimmer
UT20933 (Trim N' Edge) Trimmer
UT70121 Curved Shaft Trimmer
UT70123 Curved Shaft Trimmer
UT70123A Curved Shaft Trimmer
UT20024A (Trim N' Edge) 25cc String Trimmer
UT20044A (EZ Reach) 25cc String Trimmer
UT20677B (TrimLite) String Trimmer
UT20720 (TrimLite) String Trimmer
UT20721 (TrimLite) String Trimmer
Z825SD (UT20619-A) Trimmer
UT-20760-A String Trimmer

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Product Information
Manufacturer: Ryobi, Ryobi, Homelite
Category Number: 308044002
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.14 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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