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 Shop-Vac LB650C 6.5 HP Blower Series Parts

Cartridge Filter
Part Number: 9030400
In Stock, 18 Available
Price:  $18.52
CleanStream HEPA Cartridge Filter
Note: Comes in a Pack of 2 - The ultimate HEPA filter for wet or dry pickup. Fits full size vacs.
Part Number: 9034000
In Stock, 3 Available
Price:  $54.35
CleanStream High Efficiency Cartridge Filter
Part Number: 9030700
In Stock, 4 Available
Price:  $29.17
Antimicrobial Hypoallergenic Ultra Web Cartridge Filter
Part Number: 9033300
In Stock, 1 Available
Price:  $33.05
Foam Sleeve
Part Number: 9058500
In Stock, 13 Available
Price:  $6.48
High Quality Collection Filter
Part Number: 9035000
In Stock, 2 Available
Price:  $27.57
Power Unit
Obsolete - Not Available
Part Number: 7230497
Not Available for Retail Sale

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al duhe
Question: Motor Brushes

al duhe

can I buy the brushes or do you have to buy the motor the commentator arcks when the motor starts?
Wayne Babcock
Question: Power Switch

Wayne Babcock

My son got me this shop vac for Christmas last year and now the on/off switch does not work. I know that it is the switch because I can by-pass it and the vac will run. How and where can I get a new switch?