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Ryobi 130r (41AC130A034) Handheld Trimmer

 Ryobi 130r (41AC130A034) Handheld Trimmer Parts

Shaft Assembly
Motor Assembly
   Shaft Assembly   

 Fig # Part # Img Part Name Availability Price Qty
Note: Includes 2
In stock
2 available
D-Handle Hardware Assembly
Upper Drive Shaft Housing Assembly
In stock
2 available
Split-Boom Coupler
Note: Includes 5-8
In stock
9 available
In stock
9 available
In stock
10 available
Adjustment Knob
In stock
13 available
Knob Retaining Nut
In stock
6 available
Lower Boom Housing
In stock
1 available
Upper Clamp Assembly
Note: Includes 13
In stock
13 available
Lower Flexible Drive Shaft (24 3/4")
In stock
25+ available
Bushing Housing Assembly w/shaft
In stock
2 available
Anti-Rotation Screw
In stock
12 available
Guard Mounting Screw Assembly
In stock
9 available
Guard And Blade Assy.
In stock
25+ available
Fig #Part #ImgPart NameAvailabilityPrice
Blade Assembly
In stock
9 available
Outer Spool Assembly w/ Retainer
In stock
25+ available
In stock
19 available
In stock
25+ available
Inner Reel
In stock
25+ available
Bump Head Knob Assembly
In stock
25+ available
.080" Replacement Line, 50 ft.
In stock
2 available
Reel and Line Assembly
In stock
22 available
Complete Cutting Head Assembly
Note: Includes 10, 12-21
Ships in 5 - 8 business days

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Repair Stories
Worn Part
Parts Used:
Part Number:
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Entry Date:2013-10-29 12:47:31
1 of 6 customers found these instructions helpful
Trimmer was making a nasty virbration on wind-up, wind-down, until warmed up. I suspected bearings were dying. Using motor with different power head did not duplicate noise, so I replaced bushing.
You can do this with boom attached, or separated. If attached, remove power!
(Part number refer to Ryobi\'s parts list)

1) Remove 18, Retainer; 19 Spring; 20 Inner Reel; 21 Bump Head Knob Assembly
2) Unscrew 10, Lower Clamp Assembly, and 13, Anti-Rotation Screw
3) Remove four screw and 14, Guard Mounting Screw Assembly, which detaches 15, Guard and Blade Assembly
4) I had trouble removing 17, Outer Spool Assembly w/ Retainer from 12, Bushing Housing Assembly w/shaft
- The spool assembly is held onto the shaft of the bushing housing with a star washer, which is press fit into place (not shown in parts diagram, but included in my parts kit). No tool I had would get under the edge of the star to pry it up. They were either too big to fit into the outer spool, or did not have enough leverage.
- I used a Dremel tool with a cut off wheel, and cut through the star in one spot, which let me then deform it and pry it out. This also left a small groove inside the outer spool, but nothing critical.
- With the star off, I still had trouble pulling the outer spool. I was working alone; two people pulling may have been able to separate the parts. I used a gear puller, and only needed a few turns to get the process started, then I did the rest of the pull by hand.
5) Slide the Outer Spool assembly onto the new bushing housing.
6) Slide the new star washer into place, alternately tapping one side, then the other, until it is tight against the bottom.
7) Replace parts removed in 4), 3), 2), 1)
Did these repair instructions help you?
Discussion for the Ryobi 130r (41AC130A034) Handheld Trimmer

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Question: Strain Relief


The photo shows a strain relief butyl rubber device which exits from the motor case on my Ryobi 130R trimmer. The actual power cord assembly, as the assembly photo shows, consists of two wires and the plug innards. Is the strain relief for this assembly available?
Reply: Strain Relief


Hello 1262623,

The manufacture must have updated the part that you have a question about, after printing the diagram for the Ryobi 130R Handheld Trimmer. As you can see item number 13 on the second page, part number 791-181645 Power Cord Assembly, looks nothing like it does in the parts diagram. The cord relief is the black rectangular part in between the wires and the plug end.

Question: 180152


Is there an alternative part available?

My driver appear to have stripped the female end that attaches to motor drive shaft. If no alternative parts are available, my only option may be to jb weld the driver to the motor drive shaft.

Reply: 180152


Hello jelsbury,

The 791-180152 driver, was discontinued by the manufacture December 2012. There may be some service centers that still may have some. Try searching online to see if you can locate any. If not, JB weld may be the way to get your trimmer working again.

Question: Ryobi 130r String Trimmer


hey all! I was wondering if anyone else had such a relic. if so, does the inner spool wear out like any other part? reason I ask is, I'm having a lot of trouble restringing my spool. the string won't stick in any of the slots long enough to get the spool back on the shaft. could I use .80 string with such an old machine? the .65 string just falls out of all the slots, making it impossible to put back together. thanks!
Reply: Ryobi 130r String Trimmer


Hello 1153426,

On the parts diagram near the bottom of page one. It has part number 791-610375 .080 replacement line 50 feet. So I would say go for it.

Reply: Ryobi 130r String Trimmer


I have exactly the same problem with my 130r.
Reply: Ryobi 130r String Trimmer


Hello Pinog,

If you are wondering if you can use .080 line in your Ryobi 130R. Yes you can you can order part number 791-610375. If you are using .080 line and it is slipping out of the spool, you may want to replace, part number 753-1155 inner reel. Or part number 791-153577B reel and line assembly.

how do I replace a flexible drive shaft? Does it just pull out?
Question: 130r


My spool on my trimmer fell out from my trimmer housing how do put back or do I have to by a new one?
Question: Correct Line Feed


How to replace reel of new line and make it feed out properly
Chuck M.
Review: Ryobi - 130r
4 star
Chuck M.
I like the grass trimmer model 130R and the way I can interchange the trimmer head with an edging head. It is two tools in one. It is slightly heaver than some of the lightest trimmers.
Accessories for the 130r

Trimmer Line:
See more trimmer line 
.080" Round Trimmer Line - 50'x1 Donut

.080" Round Trimmer Line - 208'x1 Donut

.080" Square Trimmer Line - 163'x1 Donut