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Pressure Reducer A

Part Number: AB-9051116
Availability: 25+ in stock
Leaves our warehouse within 1 business day.
Price: $9.17


*This part replaces obsolete part #: and AB-9051118.

This is a genuine Bostitch replacement part, it is sold individually.
The purpose of the AB-9051116 Pressure Reducer is to control the amount of air pressure coming out of the compressor tank.
This is helpful when inflating items to specified pressure.
Also some pneumatic tools use different air pressure specifications to make them operate properly.
Discussion for Pressure Reducer A - ( AB-9051116 )
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To replace this part, do I unscrew the Red Cap or use a wrench to remove the aluminum housing holding the red cap? I can't seem to remove just the Red Cap. When I unscrew it, it just becomes loose. I've tried pulling and unscrewing, but that doesn't work. Please help?
Reply: Pressure Reducer A Part Number: ...


Hello kbatzer,

Bostitch does not provide a replacement part for the red cap. You have to replace it with the complete AB-9051116 Pressure Reducer.

Question: Leaking Compressor


Directly behind the valve that controls the pressure going to the hose (has red cap), there is an aluminum nut. Air is leaking between the valve housing and that nut. How do I fix it?
Reply: Leaking Compressor


Drain your air and remove the cap screw.You should see a brass stem that sits in the nut .Remove it clean it and put a little grease on it .Reinstall it and that should stop the air leak.If not then replace the regulator.Hope that helps.Good luck.
Question: Red Knob


Is the red knob on the part still plastic or is it now metal? Thanks
Reply: Red Knob


Hi baker,
They are still plastic.The issues with these regulators from my understanding was with the threaded shaft and threaded housing that the regulator knob went into. The threads in the housing were rather poor causing them to strip out. I believe this problem has been fixed. Hope this helps.Good luck.
Question: Pressure Reducer A


Is this a straight forward replacement part, do you just screw it on so to speak? My compressor is a CAP60PB-OF
Reply: Pressure Reducer A


Hi foster,
Yes it is .If all that is wrong is that the knob won't work you can take the front of the new regulator and screw it on the old regulator.They had a lot of problems with the red knob stripping out on those compressors.Hope that helps.good luck.
Reply: Pressure Reducer A


I have this same compressor and the red knob is stripped. I have purchesed the reducer but can't get the old one off. How do i take it off?
Reply: Pressure Reducer A


Hi johnborden,
They use a green loctite on the joints and you will most likely have to carefully heat it up to soften the bond.Hope that helps.good luck.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Bostitch
Category Number: AB-9051116
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.40 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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