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Each product has a unique model number the same way your automobile has a unique make and model. Locating this number helps us provide you with the correct replacement parts and repair help for your specific product.

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By repairing your own household appliances and electronics, you are giving them a second chance and saving them from the landfill. You'll also reduce the amount of waste, power and gas it requires to manufacture and deliver new products.

How to Locate Your Oral-B Model Number

To find a parts list for your electric toothbrush you’ll need to know your products model number or model name. This information will always be listed on the product box or the owner’s manual.

If you don’t have either of those, you can still find the model number on the toothbrush itself. Search all over the body of the toothbrush and you should see something like “Oral B Triumph” or “ProfessionalCare 5000”.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to identify your toothbrush. If you have any questions, our customer service department is always there to help. Give us a call at (866) 802-6383 and our team will happily assist you.

Oral-B Knowledge Center

If you have an Oral-B electric toothbrush that needs to be tuned up, we have the parts to do it. This includes our broad selection of replacement heads. So no matter if you have a Pulsonic, Vitality, Sonic Complete, or even the ProfessionalCare series, we have the replacements you’ll need. And if you ever need to ask a question, we have the experts waiting for your call. Give us a try today!
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Customer Feedback
Watched your videos, very well done.
John M.
Maryland, USA
Better Brushing
There’s no arguing that Oral-B is one of the most recognizable brands in our bathrooms. Most of us probably have an Oral-B toothbrush at home right now.

Check out these fun facts about Oral-B: Oral-B was selected as the official toothbrush to go to the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Also, the Oral-B name was developed by combining and simplifying the words oral hygiene and better. So if you know the brand is trustworthy, clever, and successful, why aren’t you at the store shopping for a new model right now?