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Identify Your Mi-T-M Model

Are you looking for your Mi-T-M model number? Let us help.

We require this number so that any parts you’re browsing will actually be compatible with your model. Because there’s nothing worse than receiving your parts, only to find out that they don’t fit on your model.

To find your Mi-T-M model number, you’ll want to first check the owner’s manual that came with your machine. Look on the cover or within the first couple pages. You can expect the format of Mi-T-M model numbers to be complicated. They don’t use a standard format and they’re anywhere from 7-14 digits long. Some examples of their model numbers include AG1-PR07 08M, GEN-8000-0MS0, and ABS Series (this is a valid model number). As you can see, the number you’re looking for will probably be complicated. So prepare yourself for a difficult number.

If you don’t have your owner’s manual, you can look directly on your unit for the model number. You’ll want to search for an identification sticker in an area on your product that’s free from wear and tear. This includes areas like the engine housing, frame, around the engine block, on the compressor tanks, etc. It should have the Mi-T-M logo at the top and an area that says “Model No.” below that.

Now that you’ve found your model number you can enter it in the search box above to start shopping.

If you have any questions concerning your model number or help finding parts, give us a call at (866) 802-6383 and we’d be happy to help.

Have a Problem with Your Mi-T-M Tool? We Can Help!

Most of you are probably aware of what does. We sell spare parts and accessories for most major brands worldwide. This includes replacement parts for your Mi-T-M, air compressor, generator, space heater, pressure washer, and vacuum. If the manufacturer makes it, we can get it.

But to many, that’s not even the best part of our website.

We also offer free repair resources for anyone, customer or not, to use to their advantage. These resources are our repair forum and our repair center. And if you know how to use them correctly, you’re bound to eliminate the stress and questions from your repair.

Our forum is the best place to ask questions concerning your repair. This includes diagnosis, maintenance, and repair questions. We’ve found that our forum is most useful for customers that need to narrow down their repair issue to a few parts. Our experts are always hanging out waiting to help out customers, so check it out today! And our repair center is a giant collection of repair videos and articles that can walk you through each step of a repair. The articles are extra handy because you can print them off and use them while you work on your machine.

So go check out everything has to offer for your next repair!
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Customer Impressions
Thank you for the timely manner in which you shipped the product I ordered. I received it very quickly. The piston and cylinder for my compressor works great. I would recommend your company to anyone.
Marc J.
Washington, USA