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Locate My Milwaukee Model Number

Milwaukee always places their model number tag in a location that will stand out. Sorting through all the numbers on this tag can be a little tricky. So take a look at some of our hints on finding the model number on your product below:

First off, Milwaukee calls their model numbers “catalog numbers (CAT NO.)”. And their type numbers are called “serial numbers (SER)”. You may need both to identify your model, so make sure you get both numbers.

Milwaukee always lists their catalog numbers on the tool’s nameplate. And you’ll find that nameplates are usually quite easy to find. For example, on a drill, it’s located on the right side. So on your unit, just look for the nameplate on the area of your tool that’s safe from wear and tear. This may be the bottom, top, side, or any other position. Just make sure you scan the entire tool, it’ll be there. I promise.

Milwaukee model numbers (CAT NO.) are typically 4 digit numbers and the SER number will only be the first 4-5 digits of the entire serial number. So if you see a CAT NO. 6236 SER. 769F, you’re in luck. That’s all the information required to find your model.

Still having trouble finding your model number? Give us a call and one of our techs will happily help you identify your tool.

Expert Advice on Milwaukee Tools

Not only do we supply thousands of Milwaukee spare parts, we also offer expert advice, articles, and videos to help you through any situation your project can throw at you. In the event that you do need to purchase a spare saw blade, housing kit, gear assembly, or some new hardware, we have you covered with the parts and the resources to get them ordered and installed. So before you think of sending your tool to a repair shop or even shopping for a replacement, use our resources and see how easy self-repair can be.
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Since 1924, the Milwaukee Corporation has produced high-performance, top-of-the-line tools that are instantly recognizable thanks to their iconic red finish. Milwaukee has been credited with pioneering the modern-day design of the Hole-Shooter as well as redesigning competitor’s models to make them less expensive, lighter, and more durable. Whether you work with wood as a hobby or make your living from it, Milwaukee makes a tool to fit your needs.