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 Milwaukee 48-59-0245 (SER 976A) Charger Parts

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Service Nameplate Obsolete - Not Available
Part #: 12-20-1050
Cord Set
Cord Set
Part #: 22-64-0920
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Discussion for the Milwaukee 48-59-0245 (SER 976A) Charger

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Question: Power Plus Charger


I think my circuit board in my charger, 48-59-0245, has gone bad. Can this be replaced?
Reply: Power Plus Charger


Hello 1188778,

The only part available from the manufacture for the 48-59-0245 is the 22-64-0920 cord. The replacement charger for the 48-59-0245 is part number 48-59-0255.

Question: Charging Issues


My charger indicates that battery is too hot or cold to charge. I brought charger and battery into a heated environment. Let them set for two days. Then tried again. Still same issue. Why?
Reply: Charging Issues


Hi Geno,

I would suspect that the circuit board in the charger has gone bad. The circuit board is no longer available so the charger will need to be replaced. The replacement for your charger is part #48-59-0255. You can find the charger at the following link...