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Locate My Magic Chef Model Number

It’s important to only browse parts that are compatible with your specific model. That’s why we require your model number to pull up parts diagrams for your product. If you don’t know what your Magic Chef model number is, you can find it in a number of different locations. The easiest and quickest place to check is your Magic Chef owner’s manual. You can typically find your model number listed on the cover, or within the first few pages.

Otherwise, you’ll need to search for the model number on the product itself. This information will be listed on an information plate or sticker, in an area of your Magic Chef that’s free from wear and tear. For example, if you have a Magic Chef microwave, try looking inside the door.

The format of a Magic Chef model number usually consists of three letters, followed by a hyphen (-), followed by four to five more digits. Some of their model numbers look like KOT-1G4U, KOT-170U0A, and KOT-170S0A.

Once you find this number on your product, enter it in the search box that we’ve provided above this section. And if you have any questions concerning your model number or finding parts, give us a call. Our customer service agents are standing by to assist you.

Expert Advice on Magic Chef Products

If you’re not familiar with the Magic Chef brand, they make various kitchen appliances. This includes microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, coffee makers, and even wine fridges. And if you ever need to get one of these fixed up, we have the parts and repair resources that you’ll need to get it done.
And if you’re not sure what repair resources we’re referring to, allow us to elaborate. Our repair resources are our forum and repair center, and each has it’s place within a repair process.

If you discover that your Magic Chef product (or any other for that matter) is not working properly or is broken entirely, we would first recommend visiting our forum. This is the perfect place to post a question asking our forum community to help you diagnose the problem. Our experts are really good at getting back to users and can even narrow down the problem to a specific part. This is a perfect first step because it helps you know exactly what’s wrong with your unit and prevents you from buying unnecessary parts.

Once you’ve diagnosed the issue and received the parts to your door, you’re ready to start the repair. To make this easier on yourself, we recommend using our repair center as a replacement guide. Our repair center contains hundreds of videos and articles that walk you through repairs on numerous different models. The article format is handy because it allows you to print the guide and use it while you complete the repair.

And the best part about our repair resources is that they’re completely free. So you’ve got nothing to lose, check out everything we have to offer today!
Check out our helpful repair resources below...

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