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Identify Your Kawasaki Model

Your Kawasaki model number shouldn’t be difficult to find. Just use the tips below to locate your model’s identification tag:

First, find a white sticker, generally located on the engine block or on a fan shroud. This sticker will provide you with the model number and spec code. Both may be required to find your exact model.

Kawasaki displays their model numbers in the following format: XXXXXX-XXXX-XX. The first 6 digits represent the model number, followed by the 4 digit spec code.

Small engines: Look on the engine casing, you’ll find the white identification sticker here.

Trimmers/Edgers will usually feature the tag on the shaft.

Backpack Blowers hide the sticker behind the back cushion, so remove it to find your model number.

For hedge clippers and handheld blowers, look on the engine housing, the sticker should be located here.

Ride-on mowers could have stickers in several locations. Look under the seat, frame, and on the left side of the engine.

Once you’ve found your model number you’re ready to start shopping for parts!

Have a Problem with Your Kawasaki Equipment? We Can Help!

Need to fix up your Kawasaki ATV, lawn equipment, or small engine? Then browse our huge selection of Kawasaki spare parts and expert resources. We can get you the exact parts you need, and our resources will help you through any difficult situations the repair throws at you. Bottom line: we help you with your repair from start to finish. That’s’s promise to you.
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Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with your company. I received the parts I ordered very quickly. I will definitely use your company again and will recommend eReplacementparts to my friends.
Rebecca A.
North Carolina, USA
For Work and Play
Kawasaki is best known for their performance motorcycles, ATVs, and personal watercraft. But you might not know that they also produce handheld lawn and garden equipment and small engines. The passion that went into their performance engines has been instilled in their small engines. So next time you’re riding your Kawasaki Ninja 650r, take a minute to appreciate the craftsmanship and engineering that has produced the performance engine underneath you.