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 Karcher K2.19 (16015100) Pressure Washer Parts

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Part #: 9.086-173.0
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6 available
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A-3Cable Complete With Multi-Connector
Part #: 9.755-185.0
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Pressure Washer Parts

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Question: K219 Oil Capacity


Please Gents, can anyone tell me the required amount of oil to fill this pressure washer? Thank You Kindly
Reply: K219 Oil Capacity


I wish I knew also.
1 or 5 what ever is worse rating that's the rating I want to give this product. I have a defective control head in my K 2.19 washer but instead of just allowing a customer to buy the control head housing as they do with many other models. Karcher wants to sell you a whole manifold with all the internal pump parts which I do not need for $96.53. I only paid $99 for the whole unit from Walmart. Karcher tries to force you to buy a new unit and throw away the old unit. What a waste of our resources. All the other parts are good but economically the only sound decision is to toss the old out. Karcher you should hang their heads in shame.