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Find My Kalorik Model Number

Kalorik manufactures a wide range of appliances, so you may have to do a bit of searching to find your model number. Check the back, sides, and bottom of the appliance. Kalorik doesn’t use type numbers, but they also don’t have a standard model format. Search for a manufacturer’s sticker and look for a number that combines letters and numerals, for example FT17444, BL16911MY, or M21847. The first letter of the model number usually reflects the product, so FT is a fryer, BL marks a blender, and the M stands for stand mixer.

Have you found your model number yet? If not, give us a call and one of our friendly customer service reps will happily help you find it.

Expert Advice on Kalorik Appliances

So your Kalorik grill plate has seen just a few too many cuts of meat and needs replacing? Or maybe you need a sharper blade for your food processor because it just doesn’t seem to process much these days? Or maybe you need something really simple, like a new handle for your slow cooker? Well, we have you covered with a full line of parts for most of the appliances Kalorik makes.

And we don’t stop there. Once you get your parts, you can check out our repair resources to find expert help for all your repairs. Swing by our forums to ask (or answer) any questions about your repairs. Or pop into our Repair Center and find plenty of how-to appliance repair articles. At, your repairs are covered from start to finish.
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Appliances with Style
Kalorik was established in Belgium in 1930. In the last 80-plus years the company has designed high-quality appliances that make any kitchen look better. Their unique finishes, color combinations, and style options offer an option for every consumer. Kalorik began making some of the very first small appliances in Europe, including one of the first electric toasters.

The company continues manufacturing cutting-edge appliances to this day. And consumers familiar with their products know the Kalorik name is synonymous with reliability and quality.