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Where’s My Hunter Model Number?

The model number for you Hunter fan is located on a gold sticker on top of the fan’s motor. The bad news is that actually seeing the model number can be tricky since your fan is probably mounted.

One method would be to use a mirror, held above the motor, to see down on the sticker. In a worse case scenario you will have to get out a screwdriver and do a little disassembling. Since you are in the process of repairing your fan, this might not be that bad since it is probably a necessary step somewhere in the repair process.

Model numbers for almost all fans are 5 digits, 100 percent numeric, and start with a “2.” There are a few fan model numbers that start with a “1.”

For Hunter’s humidifiers and purifiers, the model number can usually be found on the back of the unit. The format for these model numbers is identical to that of the fans except for they almost always start with a “3.”

Need a Hand with Your Hunter Repair?

Whether you have a simple repair, such as adding an extension to your ceiling fan, or need to perform a more complex task, such as wiring for a dual slide light control, we can help. We gladly offer our users video tutorials, repair articles, and community forums where DIYers can ask questions and get answers to all their repair problems. We encourage you to take a look and participate.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Design, Efficiency, Quality
There are several reasons that Hunter Fan Company has become one of the most popular brands for ceiling fans. The top reasons are their design, efficiency, and quality. In addition to ceiling fans, Hunter has expanded its product line to include bathroom fans, portable fans, purifiers, and even humidifiers. All of their products are aimed at improving the quality and comfort of home life.

Over the last several years Hunter has made their products easier and faster to install, with their 90% pre-assembled Five Minute Fans. They have also focused on creating fans that are very energy efficient, and fans that come perfectly balanced, which is one of their trademarks. They guarantee that their fans will not wobble.