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Homelite UT-10505B Super EZ AO Chainsaw

 Homelite UT-10505B Super EZ AO Chainsaw Parts

Clutch And Oiler
Engine Internals And Muffler
Starter And Ignition

 Fig # Img Part Name Availability Price
A-1Repair Kit Obsolete - Not Available
Part #: 93203A
Note: Includes Figures 1-16
A-12Gasket/Diaphragm Kit Obsolete - Not Available
Part #: UP03651
Note: Includes Figures 12-16
Check Valve Repair Obsolete - Not Available
Part #: 93910

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Question: Replacement Chain


I would like to know what the replacement chain's part number is for a homelite UT-10505B Super EZ AO chainsaw
Reply: Replacement Chain


Hello 1197542,

There are three choices of chains depending on the length you want. Here is a list of all of them.

72V059G 16 Inch
72V064G 18 Inch
72V070G 20 Inch

If you are unsure of the length, count the links on the old chain ( If you still have it) and match the number of links to the chains above.

Hope this helps,