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Grease Tube

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45 ML, FT1 V27
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Jon W
Question: Relube Bosch Hammer Drill?

Jon W

My 10 yr old Drill #11212VSR has always seeped oil around the drill bit shank. I assumed it lubed the shank. How do I replenish the oil and what type of oil do I use?
Reply: Relube Bosch Hammer Drill?


I am having the same problem!!! But now it is worse,it is spraying oil all over the concrete floor!Not a pretty site! Have found any resolve?
Reply: Relube Bosch Hammer Drill?


Hello 1144696,

After a while the grease will breakdown almost like an oil and start leaking out the front of the tool. You'll have to get in to the tool and clean out all the old grease and replace it with new grease. You can use part number,1615430005 Bosch grease. You don't want to use to much just coat all the gears and moving parts with in the tool.

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