Newbie at this forum - great idea by the way.

I've seen a few posts about this drill press, but none that seem to pertain to my problem.

I have a floor model 14 inch Delta Drill Press, Model 14-070 that I purchased new sometimes in the mid-90s. My problem? I can't find a replacement table for it. I don't need the bracket that holds the tale to the column - just the table itself. Mine was used incorrectly for a couple of years as a press rather than just a drill press - and too much pressure was placed on the table. It has cracked at the 90 degree angle. I've had it welded, but it is really not going to last.

I have two options - sell it with a bad table to someone who has use for the rest of the press (and it works just fine) who might be able to create a new table with their welding skills, or try to find someone who has a bad 14-070 and can sell me their table (if it is in good condition). This particular drill press does not have compatible table parts with other Delta drill presses, and the part is unavailable (go figure!).

Any help someone might provide would be great. Please feel free to email me directly at


as I might not be set up correctly to monitor this forum!

Best wishes,
Roger Garrett
Bloomington, IL