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Part Number: 2615294309
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 2615302213 and 529430970.

This coupling is used on some of the Dremel and Craftsman Multi-Tools.
It is used to connect the armature and drive shaft.
It will also strip to safeguard the motor from burning up if the drive shaft becomes bound up.

If the tool is not used for a long period of time it can become brittle and break.

We do send out quite a few of these, it may be wise to order an extra one just to have one on hand.


This part is compatible with the following machines:

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Question: Coupling For 395 Dremel


Does the 2615294309 coupling replace the rubber like coupling tube which is between the motor shaft and the outside shaft? The old one has an internal spine and is about 3/8 inch OD and 1 inch long. There are no pictures of this and it is not on the drawing.
I have a Dremel 395 Type 3
Reply: Coupling For 395 Dremel


I just replaced the coupling on my 395 Dremel. The motor shaft has an attached plastic internal spline piece that slides into the coupling. The other end of the coupling fits directly over the spline end of the outside shaft. I hope this helps.


Question: Small Diameter Coupling


I just received my coupling and after opening package and starting to put it on, I learned that this coupling is too large in dameter. jWhat coupling do I need?
Reply: Small Diameter Coupling


Hello nik4stef,

This coupling is for the Dremel 395. Is this the Dremel model number of the the tool you need the coupling for.
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