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 Mr. Coffee DWX23 Coffee Maker Parts

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 Fig # Part # Img Part Name Availability Price Qty
Lid, Decanter, Black, Nc And Tf
In stock
8 available
Decanter-Asmbly 10-12 Cups
Ships in 8 - 14 business days
Brew Basket Assembly, Black Dr
In stock
13 available
Feet, Dr Series, Gry
In stock
25+ available
Instruction Book Dw Series Obsolete - Not Available

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Discussion for the Mr. Coffee DWX23 Coffee Maker

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Question: Missing Parts?


During our move the coffee makers was taken part my the movers.
After we put it together as we thought..
The water does not flow into to decanter.
Are missing a part..I have looked inside the water canister and the long black tube does not fit all the way down on the tube below.
One of my hoses inside of my coffee pot cracked and water leaks all over my counter. There is also another hose inside of the coffee pot that looks like it's about to crack at any time. These hoses are 3/8" in diameter(inside) and about 4 inches long and have to withstand very hot temperature. Do you have any idea where I can obtain hoses like these.
Reply: Mr Coffee Hoses For Model DWX23


Need water pipe for this model. Model# DWX23. Where can I get them?
Reply: Mr Coffee Hoses For Model DWX23



Some manufactures of small appliances do not sell internal parts of their units to the consumer. You will need to locate a Mr. Coffee service center in your area and have them service your Coffee Maker.