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1310049 Chuck and Key

Part Number: 1310049
DeltaBlack and Decker
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This replacement chuck and key assembly is a genuine OEM sourced part designed for use with Delta and Black and Decker power equipment. It is used to secure drill bits. If your drill's bit retention is suffering, the rotation feels stiff, or the chuck has seized up entirely, a new chuck should resolve these issues. This chuck includes the screws.

There are several methods to remove a drill press chuck. When installing the new chuck clean the spindle of the chuck with a rag and a degreasing agent.

• Using a chuck removal tool is the easiest way to remove a drill press chuck
• A piece of hardwood and a hammer can be used to remove a chuch as well
• Once the old chuck is removed and the spindle is cleaned
• Insert the drill chuck into the press firmly enough for it to stay in on its own
• Retract the jaws of the drill press chuck to prevent damaging them
• Lower the press table to open up some hammer-swinging space
• Using a wooden or rubber mallet, strike the bottom of the chuck quickly and forcefully two or three times
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Tool Type:
Drill Press
Parts Used:
Chuck and Key - 1310049
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
, Rubber mallet and bar.
Chuck was worn and wouldn't tighten.
Tapered fit. Knocked the old one off with a hammer and a piece of wood. Clean the inside of the new chuck with lacquer thinner and the arbor. Then press the chuck on the arbor by lowering it down onto the table that has a board on it.
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Question: Chuck For Delta 11-950


What kind of taper is on the spindle that receives this? What's the JT or MT taper on it?
I need a 5/8 chuck tapered. is this available. I can't fine the Model number I have MDP 126 or HDP 125 but I don't know if they are the Model numbers or not. I have put both in and it doesn't come up.
Please help!!
Reply: Chuck For Delta Homecraft Drill ...


Hello priva,

Delta offers a 5/8 capacity chuck, part number 1312022 But it has a MT-2 spindle taper. As I remember the Delta Homecraft series was a 1/2 inch capacity chuck with JT-33 spindle taper, like the 1310049 chuck. I know that there are suppliers that carry a 5/8 chuck with a JT-33 taper. Just Google it a and you will locate one.

Reply: Chuck For Delta Homecraft Drill ...


I *highly* recokmmend the "ITALY" keyless chuck from Production Tool [HK70-P37J33] - shows at $90 as of 2/13. Paid $67 for it 5 YEARS AGO, and it has performed FLAWLESSLY. Very easy to grip, easy to release... a pleasure and well worth the price. cwitt(at)munters(dot)com.
Question: Chuck


The chuck will no longer open and close to receive bits. I'm hoping its just rust or dirt. What is the best way to remove the chuck? Can I just take a pc of hardwood and drive it down with a hammer?
Reply: Chuck


Hello PastorRay,

We have prepared an article and video that I hope will assist you with your project. Here is a link to it.

How to Remove and Reinstall a Drill Press Chuck

Product Information
Manufacturer: Delta, Black and Decker
Category Number: 1310049
Classification: Part
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
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