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Find My Broil-Mate Model Number

If you’ve ever had to find the model number on a grill, the process should be similar to finding the model number on your Broil-Mate grill. Broil-Mate places their model and serial numbers on a gas caution sticker. You’ll find this sticker on the bottom shelf down by the wheels, rear support bar, or on the back of the BBQ below the bottom casting. This sticker will typically be white, with black lettering, and should have the Broil Mate logo at the top.

Once you find this sticker, you’ll want to scan it for your grill’s model number. The sticker should indicate what number is the correct model number you’re looking for. However, incase it’s not, search for a model number similar to 1302-4, 1155-57, 1371-4, or 785164. All Broil-Mate model numbers will follow that format.

Have you find your model number? Great! You’re now ready to start searching for replacement parts. Either enter your model number in the search box above or click the option that best represents your model to the right, then click your corresponding model number. If you’re still having trouble finding your model, don’t worry. Our customer service team is always happy to help you search. Give us a call at (866) 802-6383.

The Help You Need with Broil Mate Grills

At we encourage everyone to properly maintain and repair their products. Doing so will save you money compared to repair shops and extend the life of your products. We offer hundreds of Broil-Mate spare parts, so you can spend less time waiting and more time grilling. Whether you need a replacement frame, grate, burner, casting, or side burner, we have it at a competitive price.

In addition to our great selection and prices, we also give you the resources that you need to complete the most stubborn repair. Our repair forum is full of experts, waiting to help answer your questions and engage in topical conversations. You can gain access to our forum by creating an account then clicking the link provided below.

Last but not least, our repair center is chalked-full of repair articles that can help walk you through any repair. These range from replacing burners on a camping stove to installing a new ignitor button on your grill. And they even include videos to make sure you don’t miss any information.

Our website can take you through every step of the repair process, including supplying the necessary parts. So next time you’re in a tight spot, swing on by to get the help and supplies you need.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...

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You have an excellent web site, very easy to use. Thanks!
Richard M.
California, USA
The Mate You Need
If you're in the market for an affordable grill, look no further than Broil-Mate. They offer much of the same technology as their sister company Broil-King, but in a price range that any household
can afford. Their Flav-R-Wave technology and porcelain-coated, cast-iron grates provide the performance you need to prepare the perfect meal. Whether you are a seasoned grill master or an inexperienced cook looking to extend your medium, Broil-Mate has the grill for you.