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How do I Find My Braun Model Number?

For most Braun models, finding the model and type numbers is a breeze. Typically, Braun prints their model numbers directly on the housing of the product and their type numbers on an identification sticker. Braun requires both the model number and type number to pull up a parts list for your specific model. Therefore, search for the model number on the housing first, then find the identification sticker to grab the type.

If you can’t find the identification sticker right off the bat, try searching in the following locations, separated by model class:

Shaver - On the back, under the housing cutterblock or long-hair trimmer.

Lady Shaver/Epilator - On the housing under the cutting or epilator head.

Hair Care - On the housing or on the back of the handle.

Appliances - Look on the bottom of the appliance.

Toothbrush/Oral Irrigator - Look on the bottom of the handle.

Clock - Check the bottom or back of the watch.

Some examples of model/type numbers you can expect to find are: 2515 (Type 5556), 390CC (Type 5735), PX1200 (4583), and LS5500 (5328). Once you’ve grabbed both of these numbers enter them in the search box above to start shopping for parts.

If you’re frustrated and can’t find your model, give us a call! Our customer service agents are standing by to give you a helping hand.

Let us Help with Your Braun Repair

If this is your first time visiting, we sell spare Braun parts for your appliances, lady shavers, oral care products, epilators, groomers, and any other product that Braun makes. It’s important to fix your Braun product when it starts acting up to avoid bigger issues down the road. That’s why we’re happy to not only supply you with the necessary parts you’ll need to get your model repaired, we’ll also give you the help and resources to make the fix as easy as possible.

The repair resources we offer can be viewed by clicking the links listed below. However, if you’re not familiar with them, allow us to give you a brief overview. Our forum consists of a community of experts, DIY’ers, and fellow customers such as yourself. There, you can ask diagnosis questions, ask for help with a new purchase, or simply start a topical conversation. The repair center is our library of repair videos and articles that will walk you through each step of a repair. This is extra helpful for those difficult repairs where a simple mistake can ruin the product.

Check out everything we have to offer today and see what so many people are making their one-stop-shop for everything to do with repairs.
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More Than Looks
The company was started in Germany in 1921, selling components for radio sets. It took less than 10 years for Braun to become Germany’s leading radio manufacturer. The Braun brand was officially introduced in 1935, and achieved immediate success in the retail world. Today, Braun is one of the worldwide leaders in appliance and shaver sales.

Braun is one of the most popular and recognizable shaver brands in the entire world. They achieved this success through their production of high-quality, dependable products. If you’ve never experienced the difference of a Braun product, there’s no better time than now.