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Where’s My Bostitch Model Number?

Bostitch makes it easy to find your product’s model number. They usually stamp the number into the base or handle of your tool. A model number may include nothing but numbers, nothing but letters, or a combination of both. If you find a number such as MFN-201 or CAP1560, you’ve found the correct information to start finding parts with your model number. If you’re still having trouble locating the identification tag, read through our suggestions below:

If you don’t see the model number engraved in the tool, try searching for a sticker or nametag.

The model number will always end where the dash begins. So if you see something like FN1650K-2E, the model number is FN1650K.

Bostitch Repair Resource

Were you about to finish up that one project that you’ve worked on for months, only to have a tool break down? Well you’ve come to the right place, because we can help you replace, repair, and maintain your equipment. Our extensive parts lists and expert repair resources will help make this as easy as pie.

Not only do we offer hundred of Bostitch spare parts for air compressors, nailers, staplers, and pinners, we also give you the literature and know-how to repair your tools quickly and easily.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
Best Review
Thank you eReplacement parts I ordered a part for my nail gun on the 14th and received it on the 18th, I was blown away on how fast i received it. And the part fit as it should and I'm back to work, you have made me one happy customer that will tell others of your great customer service.
Daniel L.
Florida, USA
Fastened with Quality
For nearly 100 years, Bostitch has revolutionized the way people use and operate fastening tools. They’re credited with inventing the first desk stapler and the first strip staples, both of which are still used in modern applications. If you need something closed, shut, fastened, or glued, Bostitch makes a product that can get it done faster and easier than their competitors. Their high-quality and low-cost products continue to propel Bostitch to the top of their class.